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I am growing in a glass greenhouse in Oakland CA USA. I have only the sun for light and no way of controlling the amount of light per day. What is my best option for growing 3-4 crops per year? I purchased OG Kush and am waiting for the seeds, Did i make the right choice or should I use auto flowering? Right now I have cutting from a club in Oakland in the room, they were taken from flowering plants and in 5 weeks they just keep flowering. But back to my main question, what is my best option for my little glass house using seeds from ILGM seeds:? Thanks for any help I recieve, I am really excited to watch it grow!:–)


1st time grower ANY help appreciated!
I’m growing in an outside greenhouse. Problem is it’s only 6.5-7ft and I’m NEARLY out of room as (5) plants are now 5-6ft and nearly hitting the roof I am concerned they are not finished growing.
Im after ANY hints to negate height and preserve plant. A possible option is to unpot plants and replant into ground (with extra dirt) gaining approx another foot or so.
I’ve been growing outside and have already repotted into 20ltr pots approx 2-2.5 months ago but this is my first grow and i am wondering if it’s getting to be too late to repot without affecting harvest?
I’ve included pics and would greatly appreciate anybody else’s advice on this matter
I’m still trying to upload but I’d also like to know if anybody can tell via pics how long until they’ll start budding?
ANY advice would be greatly appreciated :wink:


Help needed! Burn spots , dropping and some white chalk…Thank you in advance…Malibu grow needs help


Not certain as I’ve not a lot of personal experience… I’ll presume you’re feeding your plants? If I’m right it is too concentrated. Dilute it. Apply half as often.
As they need it you can add it later. It looks like start nutrient burn


I am new grower and attempting to do low stress training and could use any advise. Outside grow plant is Crystal (photo) topped once and just started to train. Trying to keep short without scrog Thanks


hi friends

I’m mexican
cultivation in mote in the artisan style,
We are already the last to work like this


Second time long time…I found a fugly seed in some peanut butter kush…said what heck, give it a shot pet project.
Sure enough it germinated, and sprouted within 3 days. 2 weeks later white hairs everywhere.
My question is it normal for this to happen so quickly. I’m at 5 weeks and nodes and hairs everywhere. So is this normal?

Thanks in advance.