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How do I get better rooting?

Is AN Micro, Grow, and Bloom okay for soil growing? I am growing auto’s indoors and bought this product only to discover it is mainly for hydroponic grows. Info is sketchy about if and how to use this product for soil. Is it a good nutrient package or should I try something else? If so, should I mix all three together as per the instructions, or use them one at a time depending on which phase of growth the plant is in?

If so I’m going to be growing in a few 7-gallon fabric buckets how many plants can I put in each bucket or do I just put one plant in each bucket I’ve seen pictures of a few plants and the five gallon buckets I’m using the larger buckets I’m just curious how many plants I should put in there and what’s recommended let me know thank you

I have read the guidelines about SOG, however I didn’t see a mention of Girl Scout Cookies Extreme. I want to do a SOG for them and looking for advice, spacing etc…

After my White Widow auto flowering starts to bloom how long do you let the buds grow before you harvest.

Planning to grow indoors for the first time, this was pretty helpful. Thanks everyone:)