About the soil in my garden

Question from a fellow grower:

My biggest concern with growing where I live would be. The soil around my property contains really high amounts of alkali. How can I make the soil support a garden?


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So what do you need to lower those PH levels of the Alkaline Soil? Simple! First you must purchase Dolomite Lime from your nearest garden centre or Nursery, a place where they grow plants. Just make sure to read the package it’s either they have packs now saying “Dolomite Lime” or if you can’t find those, look for “Garden Lime” it’s just the same, they just call it different I really don’t know why. Anyhow go for the organic ones, don’t go commercial. Home Depot would be a great place to get one too. They usually come on 50 pound bags, and one more thing, make sure to get the powdered ones and not them pellets. Get a table spoon and scoop up your precious dolomite lime, remember 1 tbl spoon of dolomite equals to one gallon of soil, you do the math if you’re going to use a pot or a plot.

Anyhow you can always make it 2 per gallon if you want, gives the same effects. After you placed the dolomite lime, water it and let it Let it settle for 24hrs, try testing it again and you will get a PH lvl below or exactly at 7 now. That’s what you want to produce our cannabis right. That way you can get rid of this Alkaline Soil Problem and proceed with planting.


So does Dolomite Lime actually lower ph thats above 7? I’ve read that it acts as a natural buffer and increases ph in acidic soils but I’ve also read that it is an alkaline substance. I’m just trying to understand how an alkaline substance can increase the acidity in soil, if the soil is already alkaline.

In a lot of areas you can have your soil tested and you can also make raised beds

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Last year was our first year growing and are using raised beds. We had a really good yield, we are in southern California. What kind of soil should we be using?

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I’m in so cal and grow in raised beds.

I mixed up supersoil and filled the beds with it. If I did it again I would probably do a three part Spagnum moss, earthworm casting, and lava rock mix. Then add amendments and live worms. Also healthy portions of Mychorizae.