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What about pinching the stems do I need to do that yet or wait?

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Youve got time to find the stuff you need

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Wait to early two more weeks at least in my opinion

K. Thanks😎

My girls are two weeks today as well

I transplant afer five days myself but i wouldnt tell you to do it because it can slow down growth or even hurt seedlings if your not really careful

Were on same schedule.

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Yes we are
But remember you really need to order the ph up and down and ph pen before your plant get root bound oh and ph drops test kit is a pain to use spend the nine dollars on the pen lol save you lots of trouble

Keep everything balanced and soon youll be looking at this and your girl will really be telling you you spend to much time with you plants haha


Ya I bought the pH test pen. should be getting it sometime today. I will pick up the pH up and down today or tomorrow. Thanks

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What stain are you growing?

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The ones in flower are Trans-Siberian
Seedling are cheesus,critical mass, casey jones

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So Brian091180 I have recieved the pH up and pH down . My question to you is when I transplant to Fox Farm do I need to start adding nutrients right away? Also when checking my phone levels I have to make sure they are in the range of 5.5-6.5 right and is that with the distilled water and nutrients, and the pH up and phone down if they are needed? Sorry for so many questions.


Which fox farms soil you using if ocean forest no you shouldnt start feeding nutrients till plant shows signs of needing it and yes 5.5-6.5 distilled water
Yes when you start using nutrients add everything and check ph and ppm us ph up or down to get it within the 5.5-6.5 range
Keep notes of everything

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Ya I am using Ocean Forest. Cool thanks again for showering me the way.

Being on an extremely small budget would something like this work to control the odor a little bit? As you can see I am on a small budget so if you have any suggestions that would be great. Thanks again.

I wouldnt think that would work how many plants are you growing
One plant in a bedroom smell hardly noticeable but if i were you save a little till flower but i dont use filters and no one has ever smelled anything with the few plants i grow

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11 plants and I can already start to smell them. But I dont know if they are all feminized or auto so I could be getting rid of some if they are male.

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Yeah 11 thats a different story

that is not going to work.

I wish it would surely works… My Herbal Incense