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A post was merged into an existing topic: Plant seems to be dying

Adopted a 14 week from outdoors to indoor

A neighbor had planted a few in his garden as a lark , bored with retirement I think, any how I ended up with one transplanted into a 20 liter pail . It’s about 14 weeks old, but was trained down a bit so isn’t huge. The transplant set it back, but it appears healthy, other than a fertilizer burn I gave a few fan leaf tips. I have a t5 2-4foot light and wondered if I should just let it keep loving the sun shine through the patio door or put under light to grow it up more. Switch to 12-12 ? Plus I need some flower growing nutrient. Help

If your going to switch to 12/12 I would get or invest in
A better light for flower.
Are you going to keep growing or is this just a one time thing.
Cause if your going to keep growing then invest in a good grow light.
The nutrients. Here is a link. Its the seed shop but you can get Roberts nutrients there as well

Shop – http://shop.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/


okay got a question should i transplant to larger pot my baby looks great just want to keep her happy ???

help needed first time grower

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If that is a 3 gal pot , I would leave her right where she is .
I use 3 gal buckets and my ladies do jusr fine.


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She is a gorilla glue clone I’ve had her for 28 days transplant worked wonders she has taken off in last week


That plant looks awesome.
But I tell first time growers not to at first.
Not until they get some experience.
Only if it were a last ditch effort.
But you did a good job. Did you use any root stimulate ?

B Safe

I only used fox farm big grow and RO water but to tell true only started using fox farm this week slowly added extra cfl up to 345true watts 15 100 watt cfl ordered grow tent today next duct fans LED grow light humidifier and AC unit temp high 86 low 79 problem is humidity high 36 low 35

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Super crop or scrog did a super crop as a test worked great she filled out nice one more month in veg

Sounds like your busy shipping also…lol
Your doing great so far Brian
If you need any advice or 2nd opinion.
Don’t hesitate to ask.

B Safe

Hey Will, do you think one more month of veg would be beneficial to my baby?

Yes I do. Very much.
This is something else I have learned here.
Giving here a little more time is very rewarding.
Im doing my harvest of 9 plants and im gettung more than I did with 20.
Just a couple more of extra month’s
Was well worth it.


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Is this a fail? Its been a while between plants and I’m not sure if i stuffed it up some how?
Started off in a cube and first pic shows how the sprout went, (that was yesterday). then today it come up higher but the initial first 2 leaves have no colour and it looks limp and not matured.is this recoverable?

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Hey Brian0911980 I think I am ready to transplant. Do I need to do anything to my pants before hand.? And do I need to 0inch any of the little branches or the main branch yet? I am going to be putting them into their forever home. A 5 gallon plastic pot with Fox Farm.

Shoot a picture of what they look like
You want soil dry to transplant so soil stays together also dig hole in new soil i found that ph some water pour into center then make hole for transplant

Another questionis this might sound dumb but with distilled water do I need to worry about ph? If so how do I get it to the pH I need it to be at?


Ph up
Ph down
And yes distilled water has high ph you need about 5.5 if you dont have the ph up and down or the test kit or pen id just keep them plants there and order what you need ASAP if your got a hydroponics store near you they have everything you need
Plant looks great how old is she

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You may want to mound soil around main stem helps alot and shell grow roots out stem lateral

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Great I just saw that ph set on amazon. Thanks .They turned 2 weeks today. Lol. My wife is getting frustrated I’m spending more time with them then I am with her. Lol