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Reply: I wish it would surely works… My Herbal Incense


Hi guys have 3kgs of heavily seeded bud.I need a method for removing seeds without destroying the nugs. This is a problem because the seeds are inside the nugs. Please any solution or advice


Does anyone know if the autoflower seeds sold on this site feminized?


Can anyone tell me the grow difficulty of Amnesia Haze. first timer here and id just like to know if its easy to mess up so i know if i should just get white widow lol. thank you


Using shoebox lined with foil to start seedling and transplant outside later using a CFL Soft White 2700 K. How Long does it take for seeds to sprout up above dirt and I have it on a 3 pm - 6 am light and 6 am - 3 pm dark schedule I need tips on how to get plant ready to transition outdoors and Temps and I need professional Tips


I would B2 transplant shock…a day before and after… works good


Get that light off soldier!! Seeds sprout better in darkness dampness and warmth.
Give it time in soil. Usually 7-10 days. Paper towel & or glass of water 2-4 days.
Good luck be patient.


Does anybody know why stems keep stretching


Planting in South Africa.
As you know using Marijuana for personal recreational use has been legalized just recently. I need help in selecting the right strains to start planting outdoors. I live in Pretoria - our winters are mild and summers hot.
Can someone suggest some strains please.


Is the something you could but on her roots just before replanting her to protect her from shock and protect her root system and would you over water her wait ?


This is my first time growing. I have Amnesia Haze and Golden Leaf. Both re doing very well with no problems so far. My grow room is 8x4 with one 1000 ballast light. They are about 5 weeks old . I say if you’ve grown other strains you you’ll be fine.
Fairy Grandma