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I had a hard time getting recognized, but I think if you post a few times and the posts are good, then you get invited to post on your own.

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Hey Paulie don’t mind me. Just like everyone else I’m piggybacking on your post to ask a question. This really is silly, not at all professional to me.
Out of the original five seeds I ordered and paid WAY too much for, as well as the highly suggested Pot In A Pot, none of the seeds germinated; they all rotted. The second batch all germinated but only one, in my PIAP, has broken ground. I’ve spent way too much money to lose any more. I’m calling quits with this company and will deal with another. I’ve been a grower for over ten years all outside. I grew my own seeds. I know how to grow, just give me some fresh, viable seeds. Just my opinion.

Is this a hwrmaphrodite


I give up, how do I ask a question…seems to be no tab to start a new topic.


I agree, this forum needs some help with it’s HELP menu

im new here and wanting to ask some questions about lights, but i dont know how or where to post the question, ive tired a couple different sections but couldnt figure out how to make a post, not a reply

How can I ask a question? I signed up for the forum, but can’t find anywhere to post a question. Nor can I find anywhere describing a wait period for new accounts.

ok, I have an indoor grow room that is 8x10 feet. I have 3 flourecent lights on the walls with grow bulbs. I have two racks of plants that are 6 ft. long. Above each rack are 2400 watts of LED lights. Both autos and femanized plants are in 3 gallon fabric buckets. The dirt is Fox Farms Ocean Forest. The are currently getting 18/6 hours of lighting. The fertilizer is a series from Humbolt County. In spite of tying down the feminized, and pruning as necessary it seems that none of my plants really get very big. Is this always the way when growing indoors? When I grow outside, the plants are always bigger. What am I doing wrong?
Thanks, Manny

I cannot figure out how to post a new question, so trying to add it to this ‘question category’:
Question about vegetative stage timing of a few plants in an indoor grow tent.
I had an odd problem with germinating and all is good now, but I have a 2 plants 1 month ahead of 2 other plants.
I didn’t know if I should try and trim the bigger plants back a little, but I don’t want them to grow out too much before the others can catch up as I don’t have a lot of room to let them grow too much.

How long would a normal vegetative period be and should I lengthen it for the smaller younger plants or cut it off when the larger ones need to start flowering?
Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thank you all!! --Jeff

My plants are already budding.we had to have them inside due to cold weather. They’ve been under full spectrum lights and are almost 3 ft. tall and budding. No outdoors, no extra nutrients. Should I still put them outside at this stage with buds?