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It really shouldnt be this difficult to figure out how to post a question.


Can someone please tell me how to post a question.???


Hey…im sorry,i couldnt figure out how to post a question,so i just clicked reply on someone elses question…lol…ok,so i have a couple of questions.I was wondering what you mean when you put FEMINIZED and AUTO BLOOM…does feminized mean that a high percentage of the seeds will be female? for instance…2 of 3 will be female? auto bloom means?? also do you accept visa? I have a Medical M permit and i have been very disapointed with the product that i harvested the last two cycles…just by dumb luck I saw a video on youtube about the Deep Web and some strange things happening to this guy who was surfing there looking for a place to buy seeds…BINGO!so i went to ask.com and queried deep web,and there was the usual Q&A section and a few people said that i needed to download the TOR browser to get to the DEEEEP WEB…so I did,and here i am…with my stupid questions…Im tired of buying inbred clones from a know it all and ending up with seeded smoke…arent clones supposed to be all female guaranteed? anyway…i want to order but im not familiar with the terms yet…like feminized and auto bloom…thank you in advance for ur patience…

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HI, I have the same problem - how do you ask a question?
Plants are outside in pots - about 2 months old and I want to transplant them into larger fabric pots but this week they started getting hairs on them - can I transplant without changing the plant’s cycle and/or shock them?

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Help with harvest. I live in a rowhouse in the middle of the block. I have patches of ground on each side and my car parked in the middle. Its on an alley and I grew really big tomatoes next to my green beauty, well the tomatoes are dying and shrinking and my eight foot beautiful weed plant is sticking out like a green thumb!! I only have one huge plant and little ones under. My first time growing and I’m so happy with growing, it is like therapy. I sit out with my garden, smoke and listen to great tunes and sing to them. I really think it makes them happy. My question is… My buds are not really big but they are starting to pop all over. I don’t see the auburn color on the big plant but the little ones under have them. I really want to let it go but I afraid someone will see it, and this weekend the temp is going to be below 50 degrees. Also what about the leaves? My plant has have so many what can I do with them? Can you get high off them? Do you treat them different? I have a piece of the top of my beauty hanging upside down (I had to cut it) and the bud are small please let me know I’m am in need of advice. Thank you!!

Ok, here goes. germinated 4 seeds on 8\12, put in sm.pots on 8/13, Transplanted to larger 2/3gal pots on 9/25. Today is 10/22. here’s what they look like. also any idea what the white crystal looking stuff is on leaves? Good , Bad?

others look about the same. Any how only 3 seeds germ. also I did not make note of what did germ. I started 1 amnesia, 1 bluberry K, and 2 goldleaf. I think I 1 of each. But who knows. so any comments? thanx NoMan.

im confused also. where do you ask questions about growing. godiva 1

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How do I post a question? I see no way of making a new post.

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if i grew a plant in super organic soil,without adding nutes and bloom boosters,willi still have to flush just before harvest.

I can’t figure out how to ask a question either! Figures my question, I accidentally planted auto feminized seeds in liter containers without knowing they are not to be transplanted. They have gone into pistol mood, should I repot them or try my walk in the small containers?

I’m having the same problem

I have recently witnessed a mixed sex hemp plantation completely seed out and entire valley in Oregon, of which represented my total yearly supply of OMMP medicine and destroy the entire year (s) long dedicated organic garden, which was established within all OMMP regs. The millions of seeds from this three-plus acre plot have been scattered by all manner of creatures and still remain in a large pile in late December. It is the feeding spot for wild turkey, squirrels, and birds.
400 yards from the established garden. The work van parked under the oak trees are covered with bird droppings, the primary component of which is finished and ready to sprout seeds.
Complete Cannabis gardens were seeded out for miles in the valley.
Surly they will show up “volunteer” next spring?
Has anyone experienced this form of

My bad! I hit the wrong key…as I was asking above…
Has anyone experienced this form of Biological Terrorism (to use a phrase from a gardner in S. Oregon)?
Any ideas on the legal precedent to address this? It seems possible to be the end of sun grown outdoor medicine for my wonderful and dedicated to quality gardners.
Unless they move from this beautiful valley.
Thanks for any suggestions.

Slow response time with automated messages about payments are very unhelpful. Also they hide bad reviews

I bought some autos and half did not even sprout and this site will not allow me to contact customer support wtf?
order #250046

I’ve been apart of many forums, but I must say I can’t figure out how to make a new post. I can only reply? Granted, I’m a total newbie on growing mj but not with online forums. Finding it to be a little crazy. There now faq’s other than rules, not basics (like how to post). Alotta copy and paste this to your post, but HOW DO YOU POST?

Maybe stick this one: How do I start a new forum post? on every sub-forum. Not being a jerk, just saying; new users are lost. I spent alotta time here before registering.

I was wondering about 2 seeds I got out of some auto girl scout cookies it was just 2 I was cutting some buds up and when I was done there they were I was wondering if they would be autos its the first time I ever got any seeds they are the fem autos but the smoke is super not a big harvest but some good quality Thanks

Help with plant problems!!!