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First time Indoor grow in the room I built, white widow, super skunk, and Super Silver Haze (all fem seeds from ILGM) attempting a sea of Green currently week 7 of Flowering

The Doctor Seuss Strain! That strain should be called GEAH (green eggs and Ham)

First Grow in 20 years. Godfather OG Feminized. Topped at 7th node. 2 week pic and 6 week pic included. Looking absolutely beautiful so far. Also first seed I tried to germ so at this point we are at 100% success. haha!!

Mile High

its been smooth sailing so far…this is my ILGM zittlez slideshow









hope everyone has a great Memorial day…and to you Vets,thanks

Started og kush 1rst of June. Coming along nicely. Wondering if it will yield 8 oz.

HELP (PLEASE). Out of 8 plants, and each has had a little variety in regards to initial nutrients/sunlight, this one has been the 1st, or closest to be crop ready. Please help w any advice on “cropability”…is she ready, or can I add some “Blackwonder foliar & soil liquid enzymes” to help root system fir a couple more days? Please help me…:woozy_face:

Hi there, first time grower and looking for some advice on if these are ready to harvest yet? White Widow Autoflower, girls are doing very well but my camera is not that great. Any thoughts???

I hope i am doing this correctly. It has been a longtime. These ladies are all from ILGM. AT some point I will share the strains…(I have to did out the paperwork). Got a late start…had to wait for the greenhouse to be done. But here they are as of yesterday.