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It rained yesterday after dark hope it did not break branches.


room for improvements


Here’s a dumb question, how do you post photos???

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My Little White Widow Girls, what do ya’ll think?


Harvest Day! GDP 3 plants. Had a very large yield. Some huge buds, even more medium buds, a few smaller ones. Here is one sample. Very pleased.


Counting down the days until harvest…

so this is what the plant is doing like two weeks after I switch to twelve and twelve. here’s a different one as well.

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Are u going to top you plant i am really scare to do it my plant is the same silde i just dont know how to top it off can u tell me what i cut

I always wait til you get five nodes, the piece growing straight up when it just starts new grow between branches just cut it off, you won’t hurt it. You can make it grow bushier than high. It will grow more branches out. I just started growing and was helped on here by a bunch of great growers. Your in good hands