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What is eating my plants, please?
First time grower, indoor flowering stage, using rainwater and fox farms ocean potting soil with CFL.
I am thinking spider mites trying to knock them down with lady bugs and waiting for my predator mites to arrive tomorrow.

using HOCL for spider mite control - using water ionizer to create solution --want to test HOCL – live in NJ so need area where test can be done legally. Willing to supply unit to legitimate grower. Solution of HOCL is hypochlorous acid . low PH high ORP.

Anyone know what this is? Friend or foe?

If iv got thrips and have sprayed etc. Do i remove all the leaves with signs/symptoms or only if they are more than 50%damaged. End week 2 on Wednesday, and cloned by monster cropping

Are mice a problem in grow rooms apart from the mess

this is my first blueberry Autoflower. I have sprayed Neem oil and dish soap several times but the infestation remains…if she is still salvageable, any advice would be greatly appreciated!