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Hey guys. Just wanted to say these new ads really sux. They cover a lot Screen. This makes it really hard to click on the different items in the support area. I understand that you are here to make money, please see if you can maybe put them in a different spot.
Thanks Tom

You could use a way for people to contact you !

The best and only way to contact them is through the e-mail.




As a Bergman’s lab member, I have tried to reset my password to gain access to the new VIP forum per Roberts instructions as of an e-mail on 2-24-2016. I have tried 5 times, but no access. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

grow bible doesnt download

It appears my profile disappeared. I hope I didn’t do anything wrong, really enjoy this and everyone has been very helpful. (I was Kartch)

Never mind I’m back. Not sure what happened there.

Hello i recently order and I need help i forgot to put my order # in the memo and I already sent the money

I ''ve just been scammed by seedsman an apparently reliable company. It turned out to be a scam only recently that’s why it is VERY dangerous! The insurance company of the bank that issued my credit card is currently investigating the issue. At the bank they are quite sure there is something suspicious since the money went directly to a chinese account and that is very unusual for a company from Barcelona-Spain. This “company” uses the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse for “delays” that already mention on their website so you think that waiting for months is something normal. You place the order, you pay, they give you a tracking number and you never receive the seeds. There is also a fake delivery insurance that persuades experience users like me to purchase anyway after reading negative feedback along with positive feedback since the company has not always been a scam! With that being said they also have a customer support center that tries to keep you calm and answers your queries so you don’t submit negative feedback immediately. They also made laugh of me with a very clever way after studying my reviews on trustpilot. Since I posted another review in italian language they posted a fake review from the country I ordered (probably using vpn) using the nickname Furiozo which means “angry” in italian! PLEASE DON’T GO THERE! This is my tracking number: CN444944234ES