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Discrepancy between email from ILGM and my feeding chart

I received an email from ILGM that says CalMag should only be used for vegetative phase yet my nutrient feeding chart is saying 1/8 tsp per gallon during bloom feedings. I was wondering which is correct.
Also the email stated that a ph of 6.5 is required so the Calcium can be absorbed. I have been told by our local hydroponic shop that 6-6.2 is optimum. I do have a little bit of brown on my leaves (not very much at all but still a little) So which should I strive for. As stated in other topics this is my first hydroponic grow.


I don’t really have a reply but a question. (not surehowto start a new question) This is my first attempt at growing. I put 1 teaspoon of the Cal Mag in my first week by mistake. should I dump it and put the right amount? will this screw up my grow?

Too Much Cal Mag

I would suggest you do. But I am far from an expert. Better safe than sorry until we know.


only grow 1 plant at a time in a hydro{ aerogarden) hold 1.1 gal of water.
ordered the marijuana booster but confused on how to get the ppm up.
was using the 3 part flora series,but drained and refilled using grow booster.
put 2 tsp of booster in reservoir of 1.1 gallons of water but pm is only 160?
should I add more?
thank you,