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Hi guys…
This is my first REAL attempt at growing after smoking like 25 years…
I think I’ve managed to build a nice grow room with all the components required, but I still need some finishing touches-info…
So I have 2x600w HPS lamps for a grow area of 120cm x 250cm.
My question is: How do I best place the lamps, In each far end of the table, with their backs against each other or simply inn the middle of each square meter right on top of the ladies?
I already have my first set of clones under a 100x3w LED-light, but it’s time to give some real juice soon…
My grow room just needs a coat of white paint and to connect the lamps and hang them.

So hoping for a quick reply so I can start growing for real…




You best place your lamp regarding the amount of lumens needed by your plant. But you have 600w so you can put it, I think, at 80 cm high, but at the middle of the space, in order that each of your lamp cover 1m2.


Hey @latewood I’ve been skimming through some of the threads looking for actual sponsored grow light systems as I’m am in the market for more lighting. My question is it doesn’t seem like its in the “official Sponsors & Buyers Guide” there are links or info where to go to get a deal from sponsors, it’s filled with questions about lighting and difficult to find the sponsored lighting. Am I missing something or has the threads been overloaded with inquiries and just needs to be cleaned up a bit? Pardon my ignorance if I am just using this thread incorrectly.

Kindest regards


The buyers guide is nothing more than products that we have recommended or helped members buy. Anytime someone want a product, we add it to the buyers guide for muture members to find and buy.

We also have an affiliate account with Amazon so when you use the link in the buyers guide, we get a small % which helps keep the ILGM community free.

Sorry for any confusion.