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hi growers, first I am afirst timer. want to use mt bedroom to growhat would suggest, limited space and building a plant or two to start with.wan easy to grow until I know what I am doing,not body stone unless 70 30 or so head high,ptsd stess.ect. nam- vet 65 yrs lold retired need a hobby.any good suggestions as per type of plant an lighting would be appreciated ffor this lod newby!!!loli would like to grow a few rally good plants not sure how yet. please advise if you can. sencerly gorwinf bro…

Easter babies sprout day after 4 20. First grow. Waiting for big bud and anticipating what to do next. Temps finally up to 77, 56 humidity. Germinated another big bud, so waiting for 2 now. Also waiting for extra 300 LED. Just grow then transplant right, next step?

Why does this say 1 year later? I’m doing something wrong again, jeez

I’m 61 and retired. I bought LED lights. They have a built in fan and stay cool. I’m new and my seeds just sprouted, so exciting. This is definitely my new hobby. I think the type of lights depend on how many plants you grow. Just wanted to say hi :wave:

Hey Everyone. This is my 1st Super Silver Haze indoor grow. This site as well as all its members have been very informative and inspirational in aiding my grow. I think I’m getting close to harvest and based on different forums regarding trichome colors and yellowing leaves and the many variables that go along with different strains, I seek advice. Pictured is a few of the whole plant and a few of the flowers.