About the hlg qb samsung light

I have a ledlights from hlg and all the time I think is was 240w but today I saw the meanwell says 480 on it so I dont now it is normal 240w use 480 meanwell?

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It can, it just can’t got above 480, it’s a max wattage for the driver thing

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Your meanwell driver is adjustable from 240 watts at the lowest setting for younger plants up to 480 watts at the highest for later growth / full flowering.
@dbrn32 is the lighting guru and knows these lights. :wink::v:


Do you have a picture of the light?

Yee i fix picture.
Its a dimming on it.


I meen can it be more or is it 240w anyway
Here some pictery

I don’t think I’ve every told anyone this… but do you think 12 qb288’s are a little too much light for a 4x4 area?

I’m seriously pretty amazed, how many drivers do you use? 2 480’s?


I realy dont now what I have I think I have 2x288qb whid 240w meanwell but 3 days ago I saw 480w so I think I gut 2x288qb whid a 480w meanwell but is produce good stuff xxxxxlgood. In a 80x80x160cm tent.
But you say 12 288qb then I think maby I have 4x288qb and they are very small.
But 12 is overkill

I don’t know what you technically ordered or bought either. But its definitely an hlg-480 driver, which should be well over 500 watts at full load.

But you got the photos of it and can you answer is that 2 or 4 boards you see?

Looks like 4 boards to me

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It looks badass to me! Looks like you could grow anything but ice under that setup.

Yee I dont put it up here before I was not happy whid the end of my grows I has incide in tent.
Good lights but warm lights.

If you turn them down 25% you will notice a great change in the heat. I’m sure that will still be PLENTY of light.

Yee this lights drop heat very fast down when you drop it in watts.