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Just trying to make sure: I need to wait until the tiny trichomes become amber, right? Not the hairy things? The little white things??

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The white hairs or pistols will turn orange/rust colored and will start to recede into the bud. At that point start looking at the tricombs.


@AfgVet OMG! Thank you for that!!!


That’s what we’re here for….helping one another out


My cherry pie, wedding cake and girl scout cookie feminized look just like this at about 11 weeks old.
How much longer on my budding stage until they reach maturity? The amber color I’m looking for?

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Just wondering if anyone can tell me if this plant is ready to be trimmed or not

can anyone tell me if these are ready?
sour diesel 11 weeks in

I have a question. I just harvested my first two plants and I have them hanging in a basket drying. I have done everything the growing bible said to do, but for some reason, I think I have done something wrong. I am only in the first two weeks of drying the buds and when I checked on them. Some of the buds have become so dry that they crumble almost to dust? I don’t know what I did wrong or what does that do to the quality of the weed? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I believe you’ve mixed up some information here. If they have been drying for two weeks they are likely over dried. At best I can get a week out of my dries and that is really watching the environment factors. After the dry and your buds are around 68-72% humidity, you add the buds to either mason jars or grove bags etc in order to cure the buds. The buds can then cure for weeks, months, a year….

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Thank you for your response and advice. I was just blown away by how fast it dried and in such a short time. The weed is so dry it almost turns to dust. I don’t think the weed is any good now? It’s strange bc the weed looks like it’s covered in snow. you can see the trichomes on the weed. I ground some up and tried it and nothing. It was like smoking air! I assume this means that this batch is no good and should be thrown out? I have no clue what to do to save it or if it can be saved. All that time and energy for nothing! I am open to anysuggestions.

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this might be where you learn something … you can add some hydration pouches and other methods but you can add moisture to em but likely have the same high … curing is also something to read up on

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Trying to get better with trichome timing. These are a Zkittlez, Wedding Cake, and Granddaddy Purple. All autos started on 12/11 now on week 13. Thoughts on how long to harvest? Sorry for the jewelers loupe over the phone…best pic I could get with shaky hands.

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This is a useful chart. Amazing how the potency can be affected by the time of the harvest!

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So many amazing things about this plant. It’s all very interesting!

I have these 2 plants and they have been together since seeds. They are getting close to harvest but seems to be further along than the other. Could they be ready at different times even though they grew up together?

Hi I have just harvested my super lemon haze a few days ago. The humidity is atound 68% and temperature atound 27°… would this harm the harvest too much and what can i do to help please?