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How do I post please? Desperately need help

I’m trying to figure it out myself… Any Help !

Have you found it out yet ? Idk how to do it either

No… I have not

Look at other posts just read about some stuff that may help you.

I bought some seeds. 75% sativa/25%indica. Six feet tall. Unfortunately, I have a small tent, only 4’ . Yeah, I messed up. It’s not very wide either. 3’. Question: is it worth the effort to grow a sativa dominate strain in a space that small? I know you can both top the plant and train it but would a six foot sativa still get large spaces between nodes? Would it be too stretched? If I put it in short and young my yeild will not be very good. If I wait too long it will bush out side ways with long, lean branches because it’s sativa.

I don’t think it will work. I am considering a shorter, indica dominant strain instead. I don’t want to waste my time.

What do you think?

Hello, Roy…i am so new to this I cannot find a place to post this question…so…please can you point me in the right direction?

Growing for my wife and i…both in pain. One has cancer the other just getting too darned old and meds we are prescribed have horrible side effects…like painful constipation!!!

I have a 4’x4" hydroponic tent with lights and ventilation with an aerator. .

1.) I have 4 pots…maybe 4 gallons. In the top I have 1/2" cubes.

a.) Do I moisten the cubes?
b.) How high is the water line into the cubes?

Using ILGH seeds…on the way.

I know to germinate in a cube and transfer…trying to understand how to proceed from there.

Many thanks…

I need someone at ILGM to contact me please. Out of 5 white widow seeds none have popped after 5 days. Is there any point in trying the paper towel method at this point?

Thank you