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very nice pic’s. I like the way you did that. I am putting up my journal on Air, water and soil
Check it out



Good morning… I’m on my first time for a auto dwarf and was wondering how you have done on this type of seeds…hehave any advice… indoors and with t-5 set up…have had some very nice grows but first auto…thx😀 thomas


how do I post about my grow? first time ever and need feed back


yeah either i’m really high or I can’t see a create new post button, i can reply though…

btw, i’m really really high


Gee thanks for answering our questions… not


OK I figured it out, you have to go to the main forum page create a new topic and choose the category you want it posted under, i was looking for the posting button within the Grow Journals but you have to create the post on the main page and select Grow for the cat.