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very nice pic’s. I like the way you did that. I am putting up my journal on Air, water and soil
Check it out


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Good morning… I’m on my first time for a auto dwarf and was wondering how you have done on this type of seeds…hehave any advice… indoors and with t-5 set up…have had some very nice grows but first auto…thx😀 thomas

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how do I post about my grow? first time ever and need feed back


yeah either i’m really high or I can’t see a create new post button, i can reply though…

btw, i’m really really high


Gee thanks for answering our questions… not

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OK I figured it out, you have to go to the main forum page create a new topic and choose the category you want it posted under, i was looking for the posting button within the Grow Journals but you have to create the post on the main page and select Grow for the cat.


First grow ever Northern Lights clone


Welcome to the forum @CannaCaps how far have you made it


I posted a new grow journal I’ll see if I can include a link
Still feeling my way around here



Since you’re a new member it will take a little bit a time for you to build up to where you can start your own thread that’s why you’re having trouble with it I suggest reading and liking everything you can you move up


when i click on the forum tab it opens up and there is a + new topic tab you click on …


Is it to late to put in seeds in South Australia

Brett’s Blue Dream grow video. This is a funny video that I made of my first indoor grow. I bought the blue dream seeds off this site and had a blast growing. After my first grow I realized that I needed a stronger LED light.


I posted a forum about my plant im a newbie any advice would be great

Alright so honestly I’m stone sober but can NOT figure out how the hell to create a new grow journal. I don’t see any “New topic” button or link anywhere. Can someone help?


Lmfao i’m saying. I cannot find how to post a new thread for the life of me.

Someone has given someone close to me a clone and he has two other plants. The clone looks in rough shape and needs help… is it possible to save this girl, or no? … :confused:
Can’t figure out how to post a topic… once I can do that, I will add a picture.