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Anybody willing to take a look at my plants and make sure they’re female? I’ve donever all the research I can, I just want a second opinion… my email is ridecosnow@gmail.Com I can send you pics, and hopefully someone will give me a second opinion. Thanks!

ok so this picture is my first ever plant just sprouted up i need to know if its male or female i kinda think its a hermaphrodite but im not sure also if u could tell me roughly how long tell its ready to harvest if its female or herm please help as i have a hard time identifying it myself

How many clons can you cut from one mother plant.and I’m going to order some seeds on the 3rd of this month and they get here in so many days will it be big enough to clone by spring to be set out side

Thats a male just get rid of it and get some female seeds from ILGM at this link

Shop – http://shop.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/




That all depends on the mother and how she has been grown and how healty she is. But you’ll get plenty i’m sure.
And for being ready for spring mite be but for one I have no idea where you are or anything else about your growing experience. Well a little I do cause if you were experienced you wouldn’t be asking me…lol


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That’s definitely a herm seeds and little bulbis green sacks with tricones looks like it is about ready when those tricones turn milky or half clear tricones half milky still good smoke and more seeds woooooo!!!

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looks like aale to me

Hermaphrodite. Sorry bro, but not all bad. What strain? Let it mature an you’ll have femanized auto flower. Thats how autos are made. Congrats


Hello all,
I have a plant that has been vegetating for over a month now. I am using a 400 watt led grow light, she is only about a foot tall. Is there something I’m doing wrong, or is it maybe just the strain. I got the seed out of some med grade and she popped right way. She is healthy I posted a picture of where I topped her a week ago. Any advice on when I should start flowering would be great.

like I said this is the top, 1 week post topping. She is healthy for only being a month old andand a foot tall.

Can anyone help me figure out if this is a male or female plant?

Thanks in advance for your help,

I started the 12 and 12 cycle 9 days ago. I’m not seeing any flowering although the plants are growing great. What should I expect will happen and when should I expect to see flowering activity?

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Can someone please help me identify my plants… I have one that I’m not sure about, I’ve never seen a male so I’m not sure

Have two train wrecks going, but look very different. I’ll attach a picture and let me know why they look so different. One is short and bushy and the other is stretchy. Both are in the beginning of the third week of flowering.

Looks Female to me

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LSD feminized plant has a few male flowers. I see a few females are quite large. I put some pollen on ta female Mowie Wowie plant. What will I get?

I have 4 plants going im quite sure i have 1 female but oyher 3 look male can anyone take a look at all 4 i have pictures of all 4

Hello. I’m a first time grower with little experience. Can someone tell me what sex the plant in my photo is please.

I would give it another week or 2. It is hard for me to see anything indicating gender

Thanks for the reply.