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its currently 61F outside and 70% humidity.

my grow tent is 5x5 … has an automated heating and cooling system as well as an automated humidifier / dehumidifier system … I recently upgraded the dehumidifier because I could never get it low enough.

I’m still running in to issue!!

even running at full blast, I seem to not be able to maintain a 45% humidity that I want during flowering stage im in.

yesterday it stayed steady, today… all over the place.

my intake and exhaust fan are 6in …

does anyone have any advice?? this is my first grow… 2 7gallon soil pots

I’m new to this and I don’t know how to post

I have a seedling, just starting second set of leaves, growing in an almost clear solo cup. I had put about a 1/2 inch of perlite in the bottom of the cup. I can see, what i believe to be, algae in a small spot on the bottom perlite. I have holes in the bottom, but i fear that the almost clear cup has allowed enough light in to grow the algae. How much of a problem might this be and what would be the preferred remedy.

first time this look ok

I am new, but used Miracle grow soil for containers, at 3 weeks I am at about 10-12 inches, 5-6 inch leaves, many branches, also used fabric pots_DSC1005 I also burn a candle, and using Bergman Plant Food. Just learning about indoors. Hope this helps. Also have older florescent and LED lights.

Should i cut my outflow duct line, from inline fan thats in tent, to the filter outside tent, as short as possible ? Line that came with fan is super long.