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My humidity is 31 in my grow closet any suggestions to raising it


If you r in veg you can spray "mist"your plants with water periodically. Flower cycle doesn’t require as much humidity.


What about during first week of drying process with temp and humidity . I’m at 71degrees f and 43 average humidity. And my buds are not trimmed . I left the leaves to dry slower and the leaves help suck moisture out and other reasons like mold and dust . just not sure how to get correct humidity so I don’t dry to quickly ?


Got me there, I trim first then put 'em in paper bags.


Hey, I tried something new this time and won’t do it any other way now. I trimmed while still on the stick,(I left each branch long to save space) then hung like that for three or for days around 50% humidity, then snipped from the stick into jars. I had to burp only a few times. The buds are very tasty, right up to the last very tasty puff.


My room is very hot and low humidity, I suggest what @Rauppstar12 said with the misting your plants. I do it 5x every other day, just because it is so hot in my room.


[Lighting – Arlo Night vision Camera]

OK. Very New Guy here…First time on any forum as well as novice grower.
I have no idea how to post. Hopefully this goes well. Please forgive (and guide) me if there is a better way to post.

The Arlo security cameras put out 850 nm wavelength of Infrared light when the night vision is activated. Is that wavelength and the 20-30 seconds it is on to check a movement enough to kick the plants into stressing to the level of hermaphroditing?


It’s possible, yes.

Here’s how far red light works:




Flower development:


…just keep in mind that cannabis is normally a diecious plant (male or female), meaning only limited class of genes develop out of leaves.


I am brand new to growing. The pictures below show my plants currently. They are at 1 month and started at seed. I am concerned about their size, can anyone let me know if I am on the right track?