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my stems are peeling bark is coming off can anyone help

Hi all! This is my first crop and I am not sure whether my plants dark buds were due to bud rot or mold, or that they are just a darker variety. The plant itself seems very healthy…leaves all green and happy. Here are photos to show you…both a close up of the bud as well as a picture of the whole plant. Thank you!!!

I have some plants, all about a foot tall or taller, in rockwool and geolite-using dynagrow. Been growing on and off for decades-for three years in this house. Early last week, I checked the plants, a blueberry, caramel cream etc-the plants were vibrant, green with good turgor. Friday morning before i went to work and checked everything, I noticed a white film along a two inch section of the stem-about two inches above the rockwool. I felt the film between my fingers very gently, and the stem surface crumbled between my fingers into strings-the stalk beneath was hard and woody. All the seedlings had this but the clones that were the same size did not. Four of the plants lost so much stem that they began to lose leaves and are close to death. I sprayed some neem on the site and it helped very little. What is this film? There is air flow and the water does not touch the stem at this point of the stem. Once this stuff appears on the stem, the plant is doomed, it seems. What is going on? The roots are fine and white-no root rot. Please help.atmabhoda

I need help please. I dont know What’s going on whit them. Can anyone tell me anything about this And how to fix they been growing perfectly. But 4 days ago they starded. Turning yellow
The ph is at 6.2. Temp in water is around 75. I have full ventilation… Idk what to do

Hi guys, brand new grower here. I’m having a problem early in, so I thought I was over watering but idk if that’s the case. Would love some feedback and suggestions!

HI i am running auto pots and gorilla glue soil is ffof amended with ewc azomite blood meal bone meal jobes all purpose water with rain water and add cal

mag and epsom salt the leaves are turning yellow what could be my problem i

Hey I’m new here I have a bag seed that’s been preforming fairly well for my first time growing anything but I’ve come across some yellow bro leaves on the bottoms ones shown. Also slight curl down on the new leaves. She just went into flowering so idk what’s wrong with it. I have used neem oil for bugs. Everything is organic soil, feed everything.

![image|375x500](upload://15h1fVPXFaX9baSXdBngGt rgXWS.jpeg)