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It is a good idea to understand what type of growing practices, produce the best results.

There so many factors in the preparation of a grow and what allows you, as a grower to succeed

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Thank you for this Roger,
I’m going to contribute to this new category . and I look forward to yours



Mycorrhizal fungi…The Gold Standard of Fungi.




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Trying this one for this round. 2 months in veg, the real proof will be with the flower growth.


Looking forward to this. Just today, I picked up a copy of the much recommended book Teaming With Microbes. Hopefully I will be able to contribute to the discussion as well.

I am beyond hooked on the “feed the soil” paradigm over the “feed the plant” viewpoint.

If you are interested in organic no-till gardening (for cheaper than you can imagine), check out my Thread - No-Till Gardening

I stole everything I know. But I’ve stolen a lot.


Ordered the same book yesterday :+1:

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Hi Will,
this is worth watching


Yo Will,
I got me a pH problem with my organic home compost.
I am growing Auto Afghanis and they look great but my Bluelab pH meter measures the run off at 7.0 and pH 7.01 from the tap.
I do not want to use any chemicals and I have read that freshly diluted lemon juice can get me down to 6.5. any ideas would be appreciated.

James in Wales