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I started germination on 3/29/21. So, I still have some of the CBD autoflower seeds. Any suggestions on what I can do with these to prevent early flowering? I’d rather not use artificial light. Thank you!

If they’re auto’s, they go when they want. It’s on amount of time growing and not on amount of light.

This is my very first WW CBD Auto, using Happy Frog soil. I did get a much better light a few weeks ago. At age 7 weeks completed, you can see from this pic that one plant has thick buds, the other plant(s) have thin airy buds like what you describe. I know they say that stronger lights make thicker buds…but even with that I have still have such a wide difference…all three plants germinated & sprouted the same days. I do know that I much more heavily defoliate, trained and topped the plants that are not as thick. Also, even when they first sprouted…one seedling just looked ‘bigger/stronger’ than the others, so…not sure…

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We purchased these Bruce banner autoflowers from I love growing marijuana and so far out of four seeds this is the only one that’s made it and it has this yellow and dark pattern deficiency marks that I can’t find it on the Internet or anything what’s going on this was planted along with five other feminized seeds and none of those have this distinguishing marking it has not been fed any nutrients since germinating the soil is Fox farm Happy frog mixed with a little organic and we’re just worried for a Little Bruce’s life any information you can give will help add one more Bud to my pile

Here is better pic of what poor Bruce is going through looks like a potassium defieciey from what I can tell on the net. But he’s only 10 days old

Looks more like you maybe got some water on the leaves?

My first auto grow OGK and looking for advice suggestions on harvest, wait longer or take now, worried about degradation the tops while waiting for lowers sections of collas , last few pics are also OGK same date planted but looks diff, thanks


The only way to truly know is to look at the trichomes under magnification. I find 60x to be my desired magnification.

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Nice looking buds. You have a ways to go yet. There are still lots of white pistils shooting out and that means she is still bulking up. Those colas will fill in and put on weight for a couple of weeks at least. Like @MSN1978 said, a magnifier to check trichomes is the best way to judge maturity.


Yeah I selectively harvested a few of the tops prior to these pictures I posted yesterday that were mostly curled and red pistils, with a few amber trichomes here and there. I just need a better magnification process holding a loop and looking gets the job done but it’s difficult for me. Might look into a magnification lens for my Iphone, got any suggestions. Thanks for the feedback, cheers.

Thank you all the way newbie

Hi Bubba here, thanks for that reply, I just learned something. Didn’t know about sometime having to reduce lighting on autos to get them started

In a perfect world, you shouldn’t have to. But that’s definitely not the world I live in. I think I was just mentioning that lights on time can be reduced to typical 12 hour flowering schedule if autos not wanting to flower on their own.

Yes sir, I understand, thanks

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First time grower. 2.5 weeks into auto flowers and they don’t look right. I feel like they should be a lil more chunkier. Small thin sugar leaves . Just started adding nutes last week…fox farm big bloom trio. Need help getting these girls up to speed .

Thumb eyeball i would say your light is underpowered for your space. That is by looking at internodal elongation and flower development.

How big is your tent and what is make and model of your light?

27x27x62. Just bought a new light , FAMURS 3000W LED Grow Light.

Just started adding nutes. I think I shoulda done that from the jump . Do you think I will have any type of yield?

Learning as I go…

That light should be more than big enough for a 27"x27" tent. Are you sure it’s working properly?

Hard to tell with lighting on the plants, but they appear to be pretty healthy. I Don believe any amount of nutrients would have made them grow much differently to this point. The good news is that you have a lot of time left. If your light is pulling almost 500 watts like it says you should get plenty of bud swell in time.

Positive.just added yesterday so I am 2 days in with the new light about 15 inches off the canopy, using a 18/6 cycle . I am just now in week 6 of total grow and just trying to make sure I cover all the bases.

I am feeding on a 3 day cycle and adding nutes with every watering. Should I alternate with every other feeding or just add nutes all the time?

Please Google this! Advanced Nutrients Autoflower feeding schedule. It should give you the ability to either download a pdf or atleast a screenshot of the schedule for the entire grow.