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First time growing. I used auto flower only. Glad I did. 1AK is 19%, 1KushXL is 17%,1Afghan is 18%. I have a 2x2 grow tent. Next time only 1 plant and will LST it into 1 big plant. I’m smoking the Afghan and the Kush XL. very nice high with both of them. The AK is still drying because buds are fat and dense. Had spider mites the last 2 weeks before harvest. Killed most of them with 1 part alcohol 9 parts water. Sprayed them 1 time because I was so close to harvest. Didn’t want to hurt trichomes. Didn’t seem to effect the buds. Is there a better way to get rid of Spider mites?

Hi all. This is the first time EVER that I have posted to anything other than the rare FB posts. I have 5 AH autoflowering seeds that I will be germinating soon. My question is about weather and outdoors. I don’t seem to get the specifics I need to make my decision. Are the nights in Georgia too cool for this strain for October-December? I want to plant in the ground but I also want to do what will give me the best yield. I want to primarily grow outdoors. I Can put them in fabric pots/bags so I can bring them in at night/evening and have a grow light shine on them during the Veg. Stage. I also thought I could do hydro for 3 of them, completely indoors. That is all the space I have for this. I know which ever method I choose I will do a good job and do all the research. So which would any of you recommend for the highest yield, and if you have any other suggestions I’m totally open.

  1. Plant in the ground as seedlings at end of October. Qty 5
  2. Plant in 5 gallon fabric pots as seedlings and keep outside except for the rare, really freezing nights. Qty 5
  3. Plant in 5 gallon Fabric pots as seedlings and keep outside during the day and bring in at night/ and have a grow light shine on them till time to go back outside. Qty 5
    4.Hydro. Qty 3

100% I’d go with the fabric pots. Weather can be unforgiving.

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@Hobbymom on second thought I wouldn’t try to grow autos outside during that time of the year because of the amount of sunlight. Autos need at least 18 on and 6 off the entire time.

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Thank you. Sorry…i just saw this. I’m figuring my way through the forum. Well, everything! I did do fabric pots but have heard that autoflowers need 24 hours of light. Ive been putting them outside during the day and under small grow light the rest of the time. I still think I stunted their growth with not enough light. I was thinking of getting a 2000 watt grow light from walmart that is around $40. I think anything is going to be better than what I have. Is it too late at 2 weeks old? It just looks like they stopped growing.

Those were at 17 days

They do most of their growing during flower

I’ve been growing 3 gold leaf auto seeds. 2 have been flowering for almost 3 weeks, but the third just seems to grow taller and taller and never flowers.

I kept them all in a tent at first, but then one of them became too tall for the tent so I moved them all to a closet. 12/12 light cycle for nearly 3 weeks but there are zero calyxes on the one plant that refuses to flower. All of them seem healthy otherwise. Please helppp

Autos need at least 18/6 light cycle their entire life cycle. No need to flip to 12/12 they will flower regardless.

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