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Thx and will do!

What light were you using before?

EXLENVCE 1500W 1200W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum….this my 3rd light. I started with the light that came with tent, Spyder farmer SF1000.

Should I go back to that?

This light is probably better. But having spent just about all of its life under weaker lighting would explain why it looks to have stretched so much.

Forgive me, i may be posting incorrectly and probably am! Need some help determining if these flowers are ready for harvest. I think it needs a few more days and the calendar would agree. Sour Diesel Auto Planted from seed 5/20:

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Welcome @cgordon1981
Pictures of the whole plant along with the close ups would be helpful.
I see quite a few white pistils still so you have more than a few days to go.
The timelines given by the seller is only an estimate when perfect growing conditions are maintained.
In the real world you are at the mercy of your individual plant. If you have a magnifier to see trichomes up close, then that is how you will determine when to harvest.
Looks like 3 or 4 weeks is needed to finish her up.

I’m not certain if i haven’t given enough nutrients or too many nutrients, but leaves are starting to drop and turn brown at that tips, should i be concerned? Started on 5/20. Ordered a loupe from amazon to get a closer look, these are the best i can get with my smart phone. Tried a few magnifiers around the house but they didn’t do any better than my phone. Just watering with tap water (well water in the rocky mountains from snow melt off from the nearby mountains and doesn’t get any bettter!) ph was a bit below 7, but i’ve been ph’ing to 6.5 by mixing with distilled or using ph down.

You’ve definitely got tip burn from too many nutrients. I found my wedding cake auto’s only wanting no more than 1/4 strength nutrient mixes before showing signs of it being to high. They are touchy. Mine went a full 11 weeks before they were ready. That loupe you bought will be your best friend. If you don’t harvest by checking trichomes, you’re ultimately just guessing. Good luck with your autoflower adventures.