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Btw, this is my first grow and I have one flowering in the same tent but it’s an auto and doing great.

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Getting ready to drop a couple Amnesia Haze autos from ILGM. The girls will be living outside in Happy Frog coco loco and perlite in 5 gallon fabric pots.
If anyone has grow these beauties please chim in with your tips and secrets.
Happy growing

hi im new here cant figure out how to post new topic can u clone auto flowering and will they auto flower ???

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This is my 1st time using auto flowers seeds and I have a question. When it’s time do they need to go from a 24 hour 7 day a week light to a 12 on 12 off do I need to trim the top so it’ll Bush Out? Do I leave them in the 24 hour light cycle or transplant them. They’re doing well at the moment I just need to know the proper way to finish them off. I am an inside grower using 1000 W LED multi spectrum grow lights one For the baby’s room and 1 the adults in 2 different rooms of course. Please help and thank you.

All of those questions are subjective in my opinion. Topping and transplanting can be done, but both risk stunting plant and sending into flower. I would search up on the forum before trying either.

The light schedule should be able to be done anyway you want with autos. Sometimes they will get recessive gene and need to go to short schedule to flower.

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Thank you so much hoping someone will throw out an awesome feeding schedule for Autos!!

Watering help

Just for grins, I’m on my 4th generation of success8ve cloning on an auto version of Blue Dream. I started with a clone from a good dispensary. I’d say by the 4th clone, the genetics are going wonky. Some plants went tall and lanky with weird leaves, one is growing like a monster - probably reverted to ruderalis. So yes, you can clone autos, no problem, but it’s not possible to keep a mother, so you end up with successive clones, which I think will eventually go wonky. Especially if you try to clone after flowering initiates.

Welcome Dream…glad to have ya

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Hello. I am a new grower so first I will inform you of my little setup.
I am growing one plant(autoflower, femenized)
I have a 4’x4’ grow tent.
100w raw power from wall grow light(I know I need better one) it is the “600w” phlizon from Amazon.
The grow light is 6" from canopy since power is so weak. Is this ok? Seems to be fine so far(see pics)
The temp is at a steady 70°
Humidity is around 50%(its winter time here in MI)
I use 7.0ph water, nothing added
I’m using fox farm soil.
3 gal. Bucket(do I need drain holes on bottom?.
20hrs on 4hrs off. (I believe in a small rest/sleep time for plants).
Small oscillating fan for air movement.
I have no air exchange. But I leave the tent door unzipped a little bit. Is this ok?

What other advice can anyone give me based on info. Provided. As of this pic that I have attached the plant is on day 6 from protruding above the soil.

Tyvm for any help/advice! Learning all I can…!

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Get your PH down to 6.3 on average 6.0-6.8 is the range. . Also you’ll want to start using nutrients after the first month.


Be careful of the amount of water you give her…most common mistake…always air on the dry side or you can tell by the weight of your container or shove you finger in the soil at least 1 inch deep if its damp its good …otherwise water if not …

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Question just received my new baby’s to plant should I wait to get your starter kid with the growing supply’s or is it ok to get the plants going in peat pods and transplant to large grow pails ?

Welcome to the forum!

I’m guessing you have clones? You don’t necessarily need to wait for our specific package, but clones will need to be given nutrients before too long. If you plan on planting into an amended soil that would probably work.

@Brentman1979 ok thanks.
What sort of nutrients do you recommend for the flowering stage for am autoflower?
I am looking for organic(no chemicals)

Thank you I will remember that.

Nope white widow starting from seeds , germinate put them into peat pods under 24 hour florescent light then in in 4 gallon planters good no good ?

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It will be couple of weeks before you need anything then

Fox farm has an organic. Grow Big I think

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