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Here is your new Autoflower support forum. Enjoy.

I hope you all have fun sharing information on how to grow Autoflower genetics successfully.

Happy growing :slight_smile:


We will. Thank you very much @latewood.



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Ask and you shall receive . Thanks for the auto category .


Thanks for adding it.


Thanks @latewood and ILGM

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And a hearty thanks from me as well.
I have learned and reaffirmed so much knowledge in my short time here.

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Awsome stuff

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Hi I’m just starting an outdoor autoflower grow with Roots organic green fields potting soil with general orgánics go box and was wondering what what feeding/watering schedule would be good to use?

It wont allow me to make an opening thread, why?


Welcome to the forum! You just joined. Spend a little time reading and like some comments.


I’m having a good first grow with my WWA - 2 seeds, 18 to go! I’ve named them Peraguine and Phrinee. It’s an indoor grow in my bathtub. I am using 5 gallon cloth pots with dirt in them.
I’m doing a grow journal, but I have no clue how to link it, quite it, or anything. I’d like to invite any of you to come look at it. I am learning as fast as I can, and people have been super helpful and kind.
I’m not going to be very helpful yet. My superpower is asking questions!:grinning: I have had issues with gnats and stinkiness. The advise I got worked.
10 weeks ago I didn’t know the word Autoflower. Today, I’m growing 2!


I’m not sure where to post this, but I’m having issues with a few of my plants. I’d like to post a ticket

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Btw, this is my first grow and I have one flowering in the same tent but it’s an auto and doing great.

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Getting ready to drop a couple Amnesia Haze autos from ILGM. The girls will be living outside in Happy Frog coco loco and perlite in 5 gallon fabric pots.
If anyone has grow these beauties please chim in with your tips and secrets.
Happy growing

hi im new here cant figure out how to post new topic can u clone auto flowering and will they auto flower ???

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This is my 1st time using auto flowers seeds and I have a question. When it’s time do they need to go from a 24 hour 7 day a week light to a 12 on 12 off do I need to trim the top so it’ll Bush Out? Do I leave them in the 24 hour light cycle or transplant them. They’re doing well at the moment I just need to know the proper way to finish them off. I am an inside grower using 1000 W LED multi spectrum grow lights one For the baby’s room and 1 the adults in 2 different rooms of course. Please help and thank you.

All of those questions are subjective in my opinion. Topping and transplanting can be done, but both risk stunting plant and sending into flower. I would search up on the forum before trying either.

The light schedule should be able to be done anyway you want with autos. Sometimes they will get recessive gene and need to go to short schedule to flower.

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Thank you so much hoping someone will throw out an awesome feeding schedule for Autos!!