About scrog net (first time)

i grow 4 cheese ladies bought from ILGM and they are almost 25cm tall so i will top them and then what?in what height should i place the net?how many cm’s between the top of the plant and the net?
also do i top only once or should i do it again later on when new branches will be big enough?
i have a 2x2 m space and i would really love to see it all full with tops so please advise me accordingly
thank you so much!

One topping of the primary node is usually sufficient to induce branching which is what you are looking for.
As for the height of the net, it’s best to know your variety and it’s normal adult height. You then top the seedlings and set the net a few inches below the maximum normal height. The idea is to have the seedlings grow thru the mesh and then have the mesh support the weight of the colas.

thank you.
i have 2 more questions,first of all is that video right?should i scrog this way keeping all branches under the net without tying them up ?
and do i have to top the plants again now that they reached the net for more tops?


i would also like to know when do i prune the plants and which branches should i cut off completely

Great video of a beautiful grow!
If you watch it carefully you will see that he is tucking wayward branches under the net rather than pruning them. The point of the sea of green technique is to have nothing but the flowers and sugar leaves above the net.
You might get a chance to take some cuttings before starting the flower cycle but I don’t think that you should be pruning entire branches then unless they are really aggressively growing out of proportion to the rest of the plant.
Good luck on your grow. I hope yours comes out as great as the video.

thank you so much Sir,i have the same topic posted on grow journals,so i will upload all new pics there and let you know how it goes

I have been wondering how. Thanks.