About Northern Lights sprouted 11-28 -17

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

Northern Lights sprouted 11-28 -17. 45 days veg. Started flower 1-8-18 general hydroponics pH 6.2. May drop a little I’m power feeding now foliage feeding don’t have DST meter but I no its up their ,24 days Flowers 5 weeks left I do flush the last two weeks9999

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I wonder what the question is … plants look good, in any case.

Im at a loss here what tbe question??
Lol i agree with @PhantomFarmer olants look good from the picture

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I typically start a flush based on Triche development so once triches start to amber not pistils


Ahha! I missed the question in there. Punctuation would have helped …

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