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the US government needs to get their heads out of their asses and open their eyes, and put an end to the stupid MJ laws the majority of us face


Great video!


Arkansas now has a rep. trying to make smoking MMJ illegal. also he wants to halt the MMJ amendment until the feds legalize it…what a hoot! i will remember these things next election day,and have told our REP.in this district my dismay…
great video,it struck a nerve in me!lol


Thanks for sharing, totally enjoyed it and even learnt a thing or two about the wonder weed. @Paranorman


@Paranorman thanks for posting that
I enjoyed watching it is silly that we aren’t using this plant too its fullest potential ? It’s mind boggling :thinking:


@Paranorman, My hat is off to you .for bringing one of the best &simplest ,and well informed vids to my attention .ive known most of this, as a history to MJ for awhile .But this short documentary placed it all in one … Take a bow …

Hammer .


Thanks, when I saw this I knew right where to put it LOL

(My only issue with it is they didn’t go into depth about that scoundrel William Randolph Hearst)


the pharmaceutical companies would lose their ass if it was legal. think about it…I take meds for so many afflictions. what if you had ONE medicine that covered most of your needs. Then, what if you can grow that one medicine yourself. Billions of dollars removed from Rx pockets. What really bothers me are all the other PTSD sufferers being medicated into zombies just to keep the money flowing to big Rx.


Thanks for sharing this video @Paranorman :+1::ok_hand::v::innocent:


@Paranorman . ( WRH ) wash that mouth out MR P … lol lol haha . foulness HE is …But yes they could have said more . but still cudos …

Hammer .

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Great video !!!

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Medical marijuana is highly effective to relieve acute and chronic pain by attacking the already-present cannabinoid receptors in the body.


Damn and I just bought land in NW Arkansas.
Oh well wasn’t tell the authorities I’m smoking or growing.

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Very informative video. Everyone should see this.