? about auto's, do I have to lower the lights

So i made a box last year 2x3x4ish (haven’t used it yet) if i grow auto’s in there with cfl lights do i have to lower the lights at all, seeing that they are auto’s they will flower at a set point anyway, can i just hang them from the top and call it a day, I know its a stupid question.

You still need to treat it as a normal plant. The only real difference as far as growing them is the Auto Flowering part. So to answer your question, yes you need to adjust the height of your light through out the grow.


Ok, Ty for the info, I might as well go with LED light then, save money on electric bill.


To help you save further you could grow them under a 14/10 light schedule. A few here do that. I grow all of mine, both auto and photos under a 16/8 schedule.