About a Month Old - Should We Top? GG Auto

We posted a couple of weeks ago and we really appreciate the feedback. If I should reply to that post instead of posting a new one please let me know.

We are growing 3 gorilla glue auto-flowering plants. These are just about a month old (Feb 3rd).

I feel they are doing good. We have read about topping, is this the time to do that?

They are about 12" tall and 12" wide.

Also, one of the plants doesn’t look like the others and they are all the same though the one that doesn’t look the same had some yellow leaves early on. Is this normal?

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Many won’t recommend topping for an auto. It’s generally best to let an auto do its own thing.


@MidwestGuy funny that is exactly what I was just reading while doing more research on this. I appreciate the feedback!


I see white pistils already. Would be late already.

@MidwestGuy i would be one of those… But in the defense of all that do top autos i never topped one so my stance comes from bias and not experience…

I grew my first indoor autos and got some 8.4oz off three plants. Two off them I did some bending and tying one i didn’t touch
low stress 2.4oz
very low stress 2.5oz
No stress 3.5oz

#lets go metric#


I too see the white pistols. Probably too late. However, I don’t believe there is anything wrong with topping an auto if they are healthy. I topped both of mine and they didn’t react at all. I think the ‘don’t top autos’ thing is a myth.


While I have not mustered up the nerve to cut into the plants like this, I have read a lot about success with topping and fimming autos. I think having ALL your environments in check to minimize stress and allow quick recovery is key.

Check out posts by a few who have really good success:

@Not2SureYet @kellydans @Nicky Maybe they can provide some details and insights. You can also do a search for other posts related to topping and fimming.

I am on grow number two. I am definitely going to try these techniques after I can get a better grow space. A little 2x2 closet is hard to control environmental factors.

I think the best is to try and learn from each grow.

Best of luck.


This is a Bubble Gum auto I topped last year. She gave almost twice as much bud as her sister who wasn’t topped.

I top autos early. I would top photos early also except I let them grow a bit so I can clone their top.These are two bubble gum autos I topped at about 3 weeks.

What works for me or others may not work for you. Growing is a continuous learning experience. Mostly finding out what works for you.

Good luck…


Nice healthy looking plants, I like to fim my autos if they’re growing healthy at about four or five nodes. Anyting passed that an they start to flower you miss your window of opportunity. Autos will usually start flowering 4 to 7 weeks into growth. Also it is a preference to top or fim . Happy growing and good luck.


Looks like I was a few months behind. Any up dates? I normally top at the start of week 5. I do a little later than some. But most of what I have to go by is making sure I have enough time for them to split and grow before reaching the scrog. I like to top as late as I can though.