Aborigine Grow from Seed

Honestly though, this looks better than it did. I just filled it up with 20 fl oz water for the full moon tonight.

This little one survived the stress I gave it. The other did not. I started with four plants. One survived. For that I am quite fortunate. I planted more seeds and hope for success with them. I learned quite a bit during this grow. It will help me, I think. This one will flourish I feel.

Wow, I had no idea this one would survive! Damn, it feels good to be a gangster! Sorry, I got carried away. I am proud of this girl. Oh, I found that it is female.

I just moved. I thought it would affect the plants. but I don’t think it did.

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This landrace I picked up at a swap meet of seed exchange. Aborigine? I was intrigued. Of four, I was left with one. True to the climate of the desert sands of Australia, everything about it was strength and survival against harsh growing conditions, it has now grown in the uncertain weather of Oklahoma. One might think it puny, but I assure you it is not.The clones are only a couple feet tall comparatively.

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Hey mate I’ve never heard of aborigine landrace strain. The only landrace strain I’ve heard of is ABC = Australian Bastard Cannabis which only grows in the mountains of the NSW and Queensland borders and looks nothing like what you have.

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@Aussieandy Hey man, I only know what I was sold led me to believe them to be Aborigine. You are right, though, the leaves aren’t right. What do the leaves look like, anyways?


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@Aussieandy You confirmed my suspicions! I had seen pictures, but I had never reached out to an Australian before. For that, I thank you.

@MEDIJUANA. no worries mate.