Abnormal bud growth


Can anyone tell me what this? The formed buds have started stretching strangely.


This was once a small bud.


may be a hermi a he/she crazy haaa @bob31 have you seen this wat is that


It almost appears as if you’re flowering plant reverted back to veg state. Possibly due to a light leak, failed timer, or something along those lines. I have zero experience with this though, so let’s see what the others think.



She’s a girl, no herm or anything that I can see. But either they 're is way not enough light or the light cycle is messed up/ I’d double check your timers and for severe light leaks as @dbrn32 has already suggested. Something has happened and I’d say it’s most definitely light related.


Thanks guys. I did find a light issue. One of my light timers must have been bumped. It was stuck on for a few days. Fixed it obviously but I guess the damage was done.

Bob I think you may have nailed it again.

Here I go again on my own

As long as you don’t find balls, you’ll probably be ok. Go back to flowering schedule and it will essentially be like starting over with a slightly larger plant.


Always go back to beginning and do a regular maintence routine check , timers , water , nutrients , air Temperture , humidity , but this is very essential to why I keep a written journal on each plant and each grow , so if by chance anything odd happens it can be traced , on a small scale grow you might can get away with a grow and no written log info , but when you on a mass scale like I’ve transitioned to everything must be written down to the detailed so issues ca be traced , but yet also I’ve seen strange characteristics in hybrid seeds due to all the cross breeding in creating different genetics and strains .


Yep, right back to the 12/12 and she’ll be fine. @Astrocreep It happens to the best of us!