A yield guess if possible.. we're getting closer


Been in veg for a silly amount of time but she looks great, guesstimations and avice for her? Choc haze, never had nute burn… hungry girl basically. This is 4 - 7 days since 12 12 flip


Don’t know. My lemon haze had a total of 5 sticks that came out to 14.5oz. She stretched from 15inches to 5.5 feet. It’s a guess


Way to early to tell and its all in the Trimming and croppping and bud size


It way to early to even guess the buds arent even formed yet lol
Your pistols have just started to show up
@McLovin777 your to funny


I’ve asked so many times man… ill learn once I’ve had a plant harvested :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I hope to God I get a decent yield… should have like 1200w of led power and mostly quality lights, so damn excited