A year long Journey - RSO to cure my Cancer


I’m sorry to hear that bit of news. Perhaps a different strain? Up the dosage?

You already know that bud has anticancer properties in it. Is it possible that you are losing some of those properties during refinement? I’ve always been a believer in whole plant therapy.

I know the RSO has been good for many, but what if your body chemistry requires what RSO doesn’t supply? Just a thought.

My prayers will be added to the others going out for you. Don’t lose faith, Brother.


Wish I could do something @MAXHeadRoom, don’t give up brother


Thx for all the info, wishing you well and prayers are coming your way @MAXHeadRoom


I am sad that you are not getting any relief from cannabis. My friend, Dennis, the Korea and Vietnam vet, also found out last week that his treatment is not producing any positive news and his tumors are growing at a very rapid rate. I still am trying to get him to try cannabis.and yesterday he seems more open to talking about it.

I am praying for you brother and hoping that something will come along. Stay positive and keep trying. As @FloridaSon suggested, perhaps another strain would help.

I am totally unaware of GIST and, as with my problem, the drug companies are not willing to spend research money on something that will not make them big bucks. I did get some measure of relief with cannabis but it seems to have stopped helping now. I am hoping Skywalker will help me.

Stay tough brother and know we are all behind you all the way. Jerry :man_farmer:


WOW what are the odds of having GIST too.
I was also on Gleevec 400mg too. It worked in the beginning but over time the cancer cells mutated and the medicine didn’t work anymore. I have tried all of the FDA approved medicine, 2 of which almost killed me, for this type of cancer.
I have also had surgery and they removed one tumor that was the size of a grapefruit. Since then I have never fully recover my strength back because they cut right across my abdominal muscle wall and I have pain from the scar tissue everyday. And cannabis never did provide me with pain relief as it has for others

Looking back at the worst shape I was in, I should be thankful that I am still alive. At my worst I had one tumor that was the size of a football and four others that where the size of a softball. I looked like I was pregnant. Now my biggest tumor is 6.8 in x 3.8 and the rest are about the size of golf balls or a little larger. Of course mine is metastatic and there are smaller ones that they don’t report.

Hang in there and I will certainly keep in touch and report anything that has worked for me.


There might be a charity or church group that can get volunteers to drive you for the clinical trial. Then you could just nap in the back seat. You really should try it. Immune therapy works spectacularly for some people.


U of M is hooking me up with one of there social workers. I would only need a ride for the days that I get a Keytrula treatment. The rest of the time I can drive myself, but it would be nice of them to pay for gas money since I’m risking my life in the name of progress for the drug companies.

I live on a fixed income which is about 200% of poverty level. If they just give me the drug companies CEO bonus for the year I would be OK lol @1BigFella


Along with the churches other organizations like the VFW, Eagles, etc may be of help. I’ve never used GoFundme but maybe that’s an option. I’d dang sure would drive you if I were closer :hugs:


you could fly there and back on a private jet!


Max i am praying for you and have been, I been following along just for this resin,
The one I had removed was 134 lbs Talk about wight loss, I did not know I had it till I broke one open.
Not fun… I only been doing this for just over a year, So I been reading on all kinds of things,
The mushrooms is where I been looking,
I do wish you all the best.


Sorry you didn’t get good news. Don’t give up though. Hugs


I wish nothing but good things for you brother. I really hope this next treatment gives you something positive. Your an awesome guy that makes all of us want to be better. Good luck Max


WOW That is amazing how you lived through that. You are a very strong individual. I also had one break open by my appendix. That was painful enough and it was really small.

What is that? a web site or are you trying magic mushrooms. lol

The Gleevec will work for a while and then the tumors will mutate. Hopefully they will come up with something new before they put you on the toxic cocktail that they gave me.

You have given me new hope. I will try the clinical trial and let you know if that works. Maybe you and others can avoid the side effects that I went through with the other drugs.
I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers


@MAXHeadRoom keep me updated. When I get closer to your way, I would love to help in any way I can. My grow area isn’t clear yet, but I’m working on it.




I will have to dig up the other books and other things I am looking into.

I have just started looking into compounds found in the Magic ones.

The only ones I am taking right now are the AHCC and Turkey Tail

I do work close with my DOC and Nutritionist.
I know I was told it would go this way in time,

and thank you Max I need all the help I can get…


@MAXHeadRoom have you had a chance to make the coconut oil ? With a sous vide cooker ? I really think it will benefit you tremendously my mother at stage for breast cancer and has been a 10 year survivor and has been using prayers are with you my friend never give up and we are always here for you if you need anything much love :call_me_hand:


@MAXHeadRoom keep your hopes up buddy. How I wish I could donate all my grow so you can make more oil. I done it before for my stepfather, had brain cancer and made rso for him, docs gave him 3-6 months to live and we proved them wrong. The herb gave him 4 years of life extra, that impressed doctors, we will be praying 4 you my friend. @MAXHeadRoom


What strain did you use and what dosage per day did he take?

How was the dosage administered? oral, suppository?

Was he on other medication in addition to the oil?

If you read the testimonials on the people who where cured by the oil, you will find that all of them where using something in conjunction with the oil


I had no idea sorry to hear that
At least you seem to have a good support system and it is great that you are going to continue growing to help others
My heart goes out to you happy growing @MAXHeadRoom


@MAXHeadRoom sorry I haven’t replied earlier got a little tied up. We had Afghan kush and northern lights those were the strains and we even did some Mexican brick weed unknown strain. He took the dosage as recommended which was a size of grain, but my mom sometimes would give him double the dosage.he took it oraly.He had tumors removed from brain, was doing chemo and I know he was taking morphine when headaches were to strong. The brain tumors stoped but unfortunately it started in his lungs after that. I really hope this helps you out in some way. I have lost lots of people from cancer and your story just touched my heart. Stay strong my friend. I will ask my mom what other meds he was taking.