A year long Journey - RSO to cure my Cancer


Let me start off by reporting that the RSO treatment did not cure my cancer. In fact my tumors got larger in the last CT scan which was taken on 4-11-18.

I have been growing for a year now and I am on my third grow. My first 2 grows where successful and gave me enough product to produce 90 grams of RSO oil which was administered via suppository twice a day in gel capsules. Each dose weighed at least 0.5 grams. So I was consuming at least 1 gram a day. The strain was Gold Leaf from ILGM seed bank.

My cancer is a rare type with only 4000 to 6000 new case each year. They are called Gastrointestinal stromal tumors. They grow in the abdominal area and are isolated to this area. I have had this cancer for 10 years.

Of course I was devastated by this news as I have been working on this project for over a year and have invested well over $3000 which some of it I still owe the bank. I really wasn’t hoping for a complete cure, but was hoping that this treatment would have at least reduced the size of the tumors.

I know that medicine works differently on each individual and even though it did not work for me, it may work for different types of cancer and different types of ailments.

The oil is working for my friend who had restless leg syndrome, he also had night terrors from abuse when he was a child which it also worked on that. And it also relieved his prostate problems. So it does work just not for my cancer or my cancer pain.

I still will be growing and helping others with this oil, I just don’t have to grow as much as I was. I can concentrate more on quality then quantity.

Thank you to everyone for their words of encouragement throughout this experiment.

I will still be around the forum to help others with their grows and also I am trying coco and growing White Widow Autos and using NFTG nutes which I’m sure I will need help with too.

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I’m crushed right now for you. I’m sorry the tumors didn’t shrink and the treatment didn’t work. I’m still praying for you my friend and please don’t lose your fighting spirit. You’re a good man and my heart goes out to you. Stay strong brother. Much love


do not ever give up @MAXHeadRoom !
i believe in you!


Hang in there brother, hopefully something will change for the better! Still very appreciative of the work you do and how you continue to help others.


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Sorry @MAXHeadRoom I am still sending prayers your way. Wishing you the best. If you need anything don’t hesitate.


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I’m sorry to hear this didn’t work for you. I have lost to many friends and family to cancer. I truly hope they find some thing that works for you soon.


That really is crappy news, I’m sure it’s especially disappointing after pinning so much hope on cannabis. Who knows, maybe it just takes a bit of time for the RSO to do its magic. I hope for you in the end you beat that motherf*ker to hell. If you need help with the Coco, just ask. I’ve had a few decent grows with it, @Myfriendis410 also has grown some monster plants in it. Good luck to you, brother!


Im very sorry that your cancer did not shrink…but stilling praying for you and i know for a fact that the power of prayer works !..as my Dad used to say “keep on keeping on”…


I am also working with U of Michigan doctors and I saw them on 4-16-18. They want me to join a clinical trial.
When you have cancer the cancer cells put out a signal to your immune system that tell them not to kill it. This treatment removes that signal and allows your own body to kill the cancer. Its called Immunotherapy.
The only problem is I live 75 miles away and I would have to drive there several times a week for blood test and other test associated with this trial. I would like to do it but it may not be logistically viable for me to do it


I just saw an article last night on the news about this and doctor’s are finding that a combination of chemotherapy along with immunotherapy is more beneficial than either technique done on it’s own.


We are all here for anything you need. And a few of use even know a little about nectar. :wink:


Damn @MAXHeadRoom I’m sorry my friend. I hate it when life kicks us down. I will hold you in my prayers!!! I know we can’t physically see each other but if you need any moral support we are here for you!!! And again I’m so sorry


Myself and others are and will be here for you. I’m so sorry that this didn’t work for you but my prayers have never stopped nor will they my friend :hugs:


Ironically I saw a report on the morning news about this same therapy. The key ingredient is KEYTRUDA which if you watch TV has many commercials for it. This drug is FDA approved for lung cancer but not GIST. In addition to Keytruda, they want to give me the drug Epacadostate which is not approved by the FDA. This drug works by blocking the protein called IDO. IDO suppresses your immune system. By blocking IDO, this drug may activate my immune system to help fight my cancer.
Since my cancer is so rare the drug companies do not spend much if any money on research, so I must rely on drugs that are developed for other cancers.
This treatment is different then the other drugs that they where giving me, by helping my own body to fight the cancer. Also the treatment claims to be more tolerable then the other treatments they have given me.


Stay strong my friend :muscle:I will say a prayer for you @MAXHeadRoom may I ask what your symptoms are for that particular one?


@MAXHeadRoom GIST is what I have as well, The DOC have me on 400mg Gleevec a day.
I just had Some removed off Liver and 1/2 of my stomach removed…
I been working with other on this…
I use AHCC and Turkey Tail To help out, I too use the RSO but I do it in a bit of an odd way…
I will take 2oz good bud, Turn to RSO
Then take 2oz good Bud and Decarb it…
Put it all in a MB2 with coconut oil The Good Stuff. Soy Lecithin, for 4 hours at 160f.
Filter it then put it into 000 caps.
I been taking 6 a day
Now I am not saying this is what did it for me, My last scan before I went in they had told me it had got smaller. Just the one on my stomach. Witch helped them to save what they could.

I am just putting this out there.


@MAXHeadRoom As I sit here reading your post, I am crying for you. I remember so clearly the day I was told I had bladder cancer, it kinda takes your breath away. What? did I hear you right, Doc? The thoughts that hurled through my mind, were almost as devastating as the diagnosis, as I am sure you understand what I am saying. Unfortunately or fortunately I lost my bladder as the ca. was starting on my lymph nodes… I guess what I am trying to say is never give up hope, ever. You are so blessed by the friends you have here, with so many people thinking about you, you couldn’t have a better prayer to the heavens and universe for your continuing on.
Working with and being around the growing of weed is a most wonderful healing experience, that alone is enough to keep life bearable!
Stay high my friend and know you are well loved by your brothers and sisters.

Peace to you, HCG


Praying for you friend . Stay strong and never give up .