A winter grow and on to 2019

So I should’ve started this quite some time ago… I’ve followed along with a few grows now while also maintaining a few grows myself… the current grow is in a 4’x2’x5.5’. I’m running a 900 watt phlizon LED over a from Clone Critica Kush 28 days into flower. I also have a Viparspectra 600par over a cheese quake and a blue berry hash plant both from clone and both 28 days into flower. I’m using promix with added pearlite… I am using the General Hydroponics Flora Series line of nutrients. I did a bit of leaf stripping in the second week of flower to all the plants… the critical kush seems to be developing the least amount of trichs I’m not sure if this is due to light or maybe just the strain as I’ve fed and cared for the same with all 3. I’m estimating just under 50 days left with these ladies and then I’m starting 3 red poison autos… thinking of trying sohum soil or something maybe more specialized for autos?? I would like to try a living soil or something similar that I can just water with ph balanced h2o and be good to go… any suggestions or advice is greatly welcome and appreciated…

I also have to say thank you to many of you… 2018 took some great people from us including two of my best friends and one being my brother… I would spend a lot of late nights over the last year cruising the threads, reading, looking at bud porn lol, there are a few of you have given me aspirations to become a better grower and thank you for that… for the next year I am going to research everything I can about breeding strains to create one of my own… well now I’m rambling… anyway thank you to all who have helped I figured i would finally post a journal of my own, I will try to update as much as I can… hope I posted this in the right place…

Cheers from Maine! -the way life should be-

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Cheers! :beers: Plants look great! :+1::v:



Thats a full tent about to get fuller . They look good . I wish I lived in Maine !!


Someone around here just did a grow journal with living soil. Someone will know and have somin to say here… welcome btw…

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It’s not just ph’d water that you give them. Don’t forget to feed the microbes some molasses weekly. You’ll also have to add Epsom Salt and water in gypsum from time to time as well. It’s a nice way to grow and removes the need for flushing later.


Fellow lobster lover here! :smiley:

How do you keep fresh oxygen supplied to your tent in the freezing months? Just a window open with a fan in the room in spring/summer/fall is no problem but you know we don’t heat the outside up here during the winter!

I thought of a heated vent fan but that still requires me to have a window slightly open…