A whole lot of questions 420 bound 😁

Soliciting advice, plant has eagle claw at top leaves. I ordered some flora kleen, but in til it arrives I flushed the roots with 3 gal of tap water. Is 3 gal enough until the flora kleen arrives?

Also I’ve grown this plant from an unknow seed, it’s been growing since October 6, how long should it stay in veggie state?

Can anyone eyeball the strain, or does it just look like a basic sativa?

I also have some seedlings sprouting, which where aquired from a bag to smoke, I’ve heard that it’s best to destroy the male plants, will I be able to tell if they’re male before the get to big, should I seperate the seedlings from my main plant?

it will go into flower when you switch your light schedule to 12/12
no way to tell the sex until you go into flower node… some people will take a clone from a young plant, get it rooted, then switch the clone to 12/12 and learn the sex that way…all while the original plant is still in veg…
dump the males, if one accidentally pollinates your grow box you will get weaker smoke with a metric _____ ton of seeds…

For when they start to flower.


There is a lot of reading for you to go over and plenty of people wanting to help.

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