A way of doing this that is cheap!

It’s a weed, they say. This will be easy, they say. Between special soil, fabric pots, seedling starter, distilled water, PH testing, and a shitload of shipping costs, I’ve already outlaid more than I thought I’d have to. And it’s only a seedling. There’s a lot more to come, it seems.
Are there any tips for doing an outdoor grow, harvesting and curing, that doesn’t cost a lot? Are there any things I really don’t need to do, or can do in cheaper ways ? Is there any reference source that can provide that sort of info?


I grow outside every year, beans this year. had to top them and supercrop the shit out of them. Then every couple days I take feed water and tie them down. Here’s a few pictures. Purple is Bruce banner and green is California dream

But I seem to get way more per plant inside


If you stay growing inside, go to growweedeasy and just read. Especially about coco coir

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Best place for info is here…

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I did my first outside grow this summer and I’ll make a few comments/observations.

You can’t beat the sun for good lighting and the price is right.

If you start them early enough, give them lots of soil to grow in, and feed and water them on a regular basis you can grow some BIG plants.

It doesn’t matter how anxious you are, the plants won’t be done until well in the fall. If you can’t wait that long for your harvest you should do an autoflower grow that will get you through and hedge your bets against loss. Autoflowers take about three months.

Speaking of loss, outdoor grows have issues with pests, mold, mildew, theft, and if you live in a cold climate, frost and freezing temperatures.

If you grow outdoors, have a successful grow and get several big girls out of it, then you will have a bunch of big plants that all need processing at the same time, it get get overwhelming.


The cheapest way to grow would be outside the sun is free. There is some hurdles you need to cover base. Pest, an deer . With the right preparation you can grow some monster plants outside. I’ve seen some monsters picture on here.

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@Ebbybay Growing can defiantly get a bit out of control. I’m not sure what you have going on but for me this would be the cheapest for an outdoor.
*Clone $20.
*50 gallon smart pot: About $15 new. (Find on used for less.)
*Enough soil to fill the pot. This step is very important. If you start with a basic soil you will have to add alot of nutrients. Try to locate a healthy soil that has already included alot of the stuff you are interested in. I attached a link to a fantastic blend. Just to get some ideas.

A good healthy soil is do amazing things in your garden. Once you are in flower “top dress” the plants with some fresh soil. This will allow the nutrients flow into the roots once you water.

When it comes to pests I have found the cheapest method for me is prevention. Even if I don’t see anything I still treat it. Not with chemicals but with beneficial insects. Lady bugs are super cheep and very common.

Outdoor full season will probably require some sort of ‘weather’ protection. Four tea-posts and a simple clear tarp would work fine to repeal those early season rains. This is a hug area that should not be overlooked. Growers spend alot of time tending to there laddies while a harsh rain can destroy it pretty quickly.

Plants grew just fine before the PH reader came along. Yes we might of figured out how they work and what nutrients they prefer but this was not always the case.

As of harvesting a curing. Simple! When you are ready to harvest simply cut the plants down and hang them upside down in a dark, clean room. Try and keep the room as dark as possible. Once the medieuim size stems snap its time for you to manicure. Once manicured toss your flower in some sort of airtight container. We use 5 gallon buckets with over bags. Open the contain a few times each day for the next couple of weeks to allow fresh air to enter. Its time to start your cure!

That was just the quick explanation. :wink:
Happy growing my friend…