A watched pot never boils

I’m chomping at the bit to get started. My seed order showed as “shipped” on the first day of February and still no seeds. I germinated 4 seeds that I found in my last bag of weed. Supposedly, 3 of them are Bubblegum. Of course, I have no idea if they’re males or females. I guess I’ll just keep growing these until my WW seeds arrive. I have 2 grow cabinets so it shouldn’t be a problem. I find myself checking on them every couple hours when I’m home. Just venting. Thanks for listening.



Hey Bill, I totally understand…lol
I would be checking all the time…what for I have no idea…or maybe hopping they would be in full flower ready for harvest…lmao

B Safe

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Hey Bill,

You’re not alone haha! I was the same exact way at first. I was checking my plants hourly, thinking I was seeing them growing in front of me haha! While you’re waiting though it’s good to practice with those bag seeds, I also did that. One turned out to be a female and I grew her to harvest. She was by far the best smelling bud I’ve grown so far, too bad I have no idea what strain she was!

And while you’re waiting I’d love to see your grow cabinets, and your setup. I always like seeing other peoples setup. What lights are you going to use? Got nutes yet, or a pH pen?


Hey Treez,
Yeah, it’s pretty nerve wracking! lol! I’ll get some pics up soon. Don’t want to use my phone for pics cause they can be tracked.

For lighting, I’m using CFL’s. My large cabinet is 46" x 20" x 87" tall. It was an old clothes closet that my Ma-in-law used to have and we inherited. I renovated it to a grow cabinet. I have 3 250watt CFL fixtures mounted on a frame I built so I can raise and lower it. I have a ventilation fan with carbon filter mounted on top with vent holes in the bottom of the cabinet. Should work pretty well. For nutes, I’ve got some Fox Farms stuff to start. I love to experiment, so that will probably change until I find what I like. I lined the cabinet with Orca grow film as well, damn, it’s bright in there!

I travel a lot for work, so I’m training the wife how to monitor things while I’m gone, I think she’s getting the fever too! I have a pen to monitor nute levels as well as a pH test kit. Haven’t bought a pH pen yet, have used them in the past and had some issues. I’m sure the technology is better now and will probably buy one in the future.

My small cabinet is a cash crop 4.0, the 3 foot model. Boy it’s small!

I’ll post some pics when I get things going.

Chat later,



Well damn Bill,
Sounds like you’re ready to grow! You’ve got everything you need to get started, good job! You’ll eventually need better lights for when your girls are in flower. But that’s weeks from now, so you’re doing great with your setup. Keep us updated!


What’s wrong with my lights? I’ve got 2700K bulbs and 6400K for flowering. I’ve read that some people think CFL’S won’t work well for flowering, and some that claim great success. I’m interested in learning more. I’m going to give it a shot with what I have and see. I love to experiment.

Love to hear what everyone thinks though.


There is nothing “wrong” with your lights. And yes, CFL bulbs will work and can grow you bud. But, you can get much better bud with a HID light. People do grow with CFL, and get good harvests. But, with CFL you’ll need at least 12 bulbs set up, all around your plants because the CFL light doesn’t penetrate far. If you don’t have the money, or just simply don’t want to buy better lights, then go right ahead and work with what you’ve got. I can say from personal experience with CFL and T5 lights, growth is much slower than using a HID light such as a 600w MH. So these are things to think about. Are you willing to wait extra long, since your bulbs will take longer to grow plants bigger? Do you have space to put a bunch of CFL bulbs all around your tent and plants?

I started with the CFL bulbs and T5 fixtures. After a month or so I realized that a 600w HID fixture was the way to go. My plants were taking forever to grow under the T5 and CFLs. It got to a point where I said, would I even be happy with buds grown under CFL? Or would I just think, how much better could it have been? For me, I don’t want to ask myself that question haha. I want to know I got the best buds possible by using good lights, good nutes, etc.

It’s all personal Bill, anyway can tell you one thing and someone can contradict that with personal experience of their own. Go with what you feel is good. Try things out, figure out what you like and what you don’t. Experiment too, but not too crazy haha. Have fun with it, go with your own flow!


It’s all cool treez! I’m just playing and learning! When it’s time to rock and roll, I’ll be ready! lol! I don’t know if I can post a link to an article that got me a little excited about cfl’s, but I’m gonna try. How to Get Huge, Dense, Potent Buds Using CFL Lighting!. Give it a read and let me know what you think. I’m really in no hurry at this point, and my expectations aren’t what I’d consider “elevated”. I grew more than a little back in my youth, but mostly in soil with no science applied at all. I was reasonably successful by my standards. So I’m here as a humble student who is just having fun with it! Since it’s my first adventure into hydroponics of any sort, I know I have a lot to learn. But my education and experience can’t hurt me, that’s for sure! That being said, I’ve never tried to grow turfgrass in water or indoors! lol!

Finally got my WW fem seeds in the mail! I’m excited now! Going to get 4 started germinating this weekend. Excited about getting them going! I’ll sure order seeds early next time!



I’m so glad you shared that Handbook Bill! Wow, that was a great little read, and totally opened my mind up to using CFLs again. I was that idiot who was putting them all around the plant, not just above it haha. I’ll have to give it a try and see how I do in my own experiences. So far my experiences with the 600w HID lights has been far better. But I’m always up for a new experiment to learn. When you get your setup up and running I’d love to see a picture of how you have everything set up. Thanks again Bill, great post!


Yeah treez, when I read the article I was thinking about lights all over the sides of the cabinet and it made me change my design. I mean, intensity not coverage, duh, what does the sun do anyway? Sometimes I think, as humans, we have a tendency to overthink things! I’ve got cabinet pretty well put together and ready for it’s maiden voyage. I’ll try and take some pics this weekend and upload them so you can see it. By my calculations, I have just about 6.3 sq ft. so by the article’s calculations, the intensity should be a little more then needed. I lit it up once I got it put together, my eyes are a little sensitive to light, and it was like I was looking into the sun! lol! I may have to make a few modifications along the way, but like I said, I’m just playing and learning at this point!

This is gonna be fun!


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Fluorescent light is normally used during veg because veg doesn’t need as much intensity as flowering does, and it could depend on numerous factors as to why you might choose a fluorescent light over a HID light, but none of them are specifically because the vegetative cycle requires this light over the other. In general you need light with more blue in it for veg and more red in it for flower.

6500k is slightly blue shifted, 5000K to 5800k is considered kinda right in the middle, very balanced, and 2700k is red shifted. Those are some of the most common numbers, I’ve seen 3000 and 3500k as well. Pretty much anything above 5000k to 5800k is blue shifted spectrum light and below is red shifted. Yes, in flower, using fluorescents, in general more 6500Ks are used in veg and more 2700Ks are used during bloom/flower.

Chlorophyll absorption peaks are 430 nm and 662 nm for chlorophyll a, and 453 nm and 642 nm for chlorophyll b. Chlorophyll b is not as abundant as chlorophyll a, and merely help in increasing the absorption range.

No matter the type of light, if you can find the exact specs for its lumens/FLUX per square foot (or the equivalent PAR for red/blue only LEDs) you can use this as a loose guide as to what you need as minimums:

MmsSeedlings and clones require about 400-1000 lumens per square foot.

Vegetative growth requires about a minimum of 2,000 to 3,000 lumens per square foot.

Flowering requires about 5,000 to 10,000 lumens per square foot, ideally, and can take possibly much more.

10,000 lumens is supposed to be about the average power of the sun at sea level on a clear day at high noon, or something like that, lol. 8,000 - 12,000 lumens is supposed to be about the average power of the full sun without any overcast or no clouds depending on altitude and potentially other factors.

It’s not ideal, but you can make do with 2,000 lumens for an entire grow if necessary.

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I ordered my WW’s about the same time as Bill, but I’ve got nothing :8ball: (drama)

…so I did several small shotgun-style orders from several different countries at the beginning of this week because I can’t sit on my thumbs anymore, something should be here next week :pray:


OK treez, here are some pics of my cabinet. Finally got 4 WW seeds germinating in the small cabinet and I have 3 of my sprouts in the big cabinet as of today! Been a busy day! Excited to be up and running though! Up to 300ppm on my nutes for the big cabinet and about 200+ in the starter cabinet pH is running between 5.5 and 6.0 on both. Light cycle is 18/6 on both.

Let me know what you think,



I absolutely love it! Great setup Bill, very clean and sleek! I look forward to seeing it filled lol

Yes I agree that is very nicely done. Great jpou Bill
I to look forward to many updates of your growd.


And I just thought about it, you should cover up that 4th empty net pot you have so no light gets into your reservoir.

Yes. I should cover the net pot. I have a cover, just had it off at the time. Good eye treez!

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Well, it would appear that I need more ventilation holes in my cabinet. My wife monitors the girls while I’m out of town. Spoke to her last night and the girls were suffering from the heat. Now I can’t get back home fast enough. It’s all about learning though.


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This forum is awesome! This is not easy getting started, especially at my age and disabled (mmj) I get so much inspiration from this site!

I honestly would have quit a couple of times already, that’s when I come here for inspiration!

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Well, tested the cabinet and found the heat to be rather excessive! lol! It was close to 100 degrees F. in there! Added 4 3" holes in the rear and now the temps are staying between 79 and 82. Put the girls back in the cabinet and only had a couple burnt leaves on one plant, probably closest to the light! Big girl is putting out some serious roots and another 2 aren’t far behind. I’m hoping these are fems since I just scarfed them out of my last bag of weed. By next week I should be able to start pushing the nute levels up a little more, but they seem happy and growing now.

I also have 2 WW seeds just popping their heads up, with 2 more very closely behind. They’ll be about 3 weeks behind the first plants, so it might get interesting towards the end. Are we having fun yet? I sure as hell am! lol

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