A Warning About Urb

I posted about Urb here yesterday. The manufacturer claims a ~50% reduction in nute requirements and I believe them.

I have no doubt that it is a good product, but believe you need to be careful. My plants are at 6-weeks now and have been problem free. After introducing Urb at 1/2 recommended strength, I’ve just noticed that I have leaf canoeing and other minor symptoms of nute burn on a couple of my plants.

I am using FFHF, so the soil is not that hot and I have only fed them 1/4 recommended strength nutes once during their life. pH is fine at ~6.5 on all 4 plants. I have backed down lighting just a bit just in case. If the problem persists I will flush them.


Probably better to use the urb from beginning to end…
You probably unlocked a bunch if nutrents already built up in the soil.


No need to feed nutes until your run off is below 1800 even if your in peak timing after that 1200-1400

Urb is solely beneficial bacteria and humic acid. It doesn’t have nutes on its own, but it does increase plant uptake of nutes.

Correct though. I should have not fed the 1/4 strength. Noob mistake.

Yeah feed as normal. Microbes are great and all but don’t do too much on their own. Like you said they aid in uptake and help prevent against diseases and mold. The only time I encountered nutrient issues with beneficial bacteria was when I stopped using them, and my plants started having uptake issues.


Just checked out their site. The thing about the nutrient reduction claim that has me puzzled. For one they’re basing that claim on the effects on Sugar Cane not Cannabis. Also on a commercial outdoor grow.

I’m sure it’s a decent product. I’ve just never heard nutrient reduction claims from a microbe product before which makes me raise an eyebrow.

I’ve seen a lot of organic growers (from various other forums and YouTube vids) that use it an really like it. I tried it based on their testimonials. We tend to use harsher nutes than the compost teas and kelp that many organic growers use. It’s probably the reason I saw nute burn after I tried it.

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