A warning about tools for noobs like me

Just wanted to share an experience I just had, in hopes that it may help someone else…

I’ve been using frozen 2 liter bottles, filled with water, to keep the temperature of my nutriemt reservoir down to about 69/72 degrees. However, these plants are getting stinky and I’m going to have to start keeping the tent closed, and I know for sure the reservoir will spike when that happens, but I couldn’t afford to buy an actual chiller, so I bought a 16 gallon electrothermal unit for my 8 gallons if nutes, along with some foam insulation wrap, so I know it would help some.

Just hooked the thing up 10 minutes ago, and the temperature probe is reading 62.2 degrees, so my first thought is “cheap amazon crap!”, except this wasn’t that cheap so I was pissed. But just to be sure, let me grab my meat thermometer and low and behold it read 62 degrees. Stuck my ec meter in there 72…shook it around…68…as low as it would go.

Turns out my roots have been pretty chilly. So the lesson here young grasshoppa is to routinely test your tools for accuracy. Have some redundancy, like perhaps a meat thermometer, just to make sure everything matches smh