A Very Unique Auto Hermie Situation / Questions

I would appreciate any input and expertise regarding my current situation with a hermie sour diesel auto. Details below…

Indoor grow in soil/coco/perlite mix. Using general hydroponics flora series nutes. I have 12 photoperiod blue dream in week two (almost week three) of flower. I had extra room so I decided a couple of weeks ago to start a grow of autos since they wouldn’t care about the shortened light schedule. Sour Diesel autos. Blue Dream and Sour Diesel seeds all came from ILGM and are feminized. The sour diesel had a rough start with a terrible gnat larva infestation that i think contributed to some REALLY effed up looking cannabis plants. I haven’t done anything to stress them, they just all grew really weird looking. Leaves aren’t normal shape and most have 2-3 main colas naturally. I have 9 sour diesel next to each other under one large LED circular light. The Blue Dream are in the same room but under different lights approximately 5’ apart from center of light to center of light.

Today I noticed the smallest sour diesel plant is a hermie. It looks like a pollen sac has already opened. See photos. I have moved it outside for the time being. I have so many questions and I can’t seem to find an answer or opinions on all of them reading through other hermie posts. The questions I have are…

-Will the hermie plant produce seeds that are feminized AND auto flower?
-What are the chances my blue dream got pollinated? The closest ones are about 22" away from the hermie. Furthest away are about 8’ away. Also see photo for location of an oscillating fan.
-BIGGEST QUESTION I HAVE: If the hermie Sour Diesel Auto pollinated a Blue Dream photo…what would the seeds be? Auto or Photo?
-I have a Gorilla Glue auto that has been flowering for 10 weeks and I’m harvesting today…do i need to worry about it having been pollinated? It’s in the group of plants next to the sour diesels. (And I know, 10 weeks of flowering for an Auto is weird as hell)

I have the herm outside currently (photo has rocks covering the dirt because i have horrible problems with squirrels digging in the dirt of outside grows). Thoughts??? @Covertgrower @Myfriendis410


Likely trouble on your hands…pollen sac looks to be open probably everything in the tent has a chance of being pollinated. The hermie plant will be auto feminized seeds but carry the strong hermie trait. As for the auto photo cross I’m not sure. Some other experienced growers/breeders will chime in

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@Bulldognuts @CoyoteCody @imSICKkid

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Yes, but will have a tendency in the offspring to hermi as well.

Probably going to find a few seeds in the flower but no real chance of it ruining your Blue Dream crop.

If you remember your High School biology: you will have a mix.

I would bag and destroy the hermaphrodite, don’t plan on saving seeds, but I would think you will not find very many seeds in your other plants.


I read a couple of posts that said if the feminized plant was hermie’d due to stress and not genetics then it won’t produce hermie prone seeds. Have you heard anything like that or should I just assume that it would be a gamble?

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Difficult to say why it occurred. I had a sour diesel that hermed, I pulled all of my clones, and watched the current clones like a hawk. For whatever reason, only one clone hermed. So I don’t know what happened to that one clone, because the rest of the clones didn’t.

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I had a Sour Diesel stress seed and grew out several of them successfully. But they were not as potent nor aromatic as the original one.

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I just did that very experiment. This summer I had an Amnesia Haze Autoflower hermi and produced seeds.

I planted 23 seeds, 23 germinated and I eventually culled the 3 smallest because of space issues.

They started flowering 2 weeks above ground, one week later… 7 of 20 were culled because they were full of pollen sacks, keeping an eye on the rest. About 35% so far are obviously hermies and were grown in optimum conditions.

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@CMichGrower - interesting and good to know!!! I have a spare garage that I might set a tent up in to play mad scientist with some plants. Far away from my actual grow room.