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A question from a fellow grower:

is it advantageous to put more than one plant in a single 5 gallon bucket?..after seeds are germinated, would one ever put more than one plant in the same container?..just curious, because I have never seen this question addressed…was figuring if maybe 2 or 3 germinated seeds were placed in same container, it would allow for the possibility of one of the plants not surviving…just a question, and though I think I already know the answer, I have to ask…I have a grow tent setup that is a 4’ x 2’ x 5’ tall, and basically I can put 4 plants in the grow space, because I am growing in soil in 5 gallon planter buckets…any help, or advice, on this question, will be greatly appreciated, I assure you. I am 62 years, and after buying my herb for all these years, I have decided to try it out for myself, with a small, 4-plant grow. Looking forward to any response you may have, regarding this question.

Same question. NO
You are right. They could survive however, but all 3 would fight for root space, and be overcrowded. Once you had mature plants, they would fight for light and air circualtion, and when an environmental issue developed; All plants suffer

5 gallon buckets or pots would be way too big for that space. Your biggest issue is going to be the limited height. By using large tall pots, you limit your headroom even further.

I would use no larger than 3 gallon, or 13L pots. Possibly even a 6L square pot. This would limit the growth of the plant, but as long as you provide good medium, and quality nutrients, you should be able ot have a decent yield, and keep the plant height in order. :slight_smile: