A update looking for a review of my girls

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A lil picture update how my girls look still no nutrients just 6.5 ph water about every 3 days.

Dbl sour

Cherry AK

Any advice on how high my lights should be? Right now i have them 20" from the top of tallest plant and 24" from my shortest.

I just added the fan no room on the floor think this will cause any problems? Thanks for all the advice so far. Think i will order the Bloom City Organic craft grow kit. Dont know why i want to try it i cant find many reviews from people who have tried it.

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Fan will be fine - they have some cheap clip on fans online you can pick up for like 6$ a pop. Would recommend getting some of those (I got some on amazon that had both the floor attachment and clip on attachment).

The light would depend on a few things environmentally speaking - I wouldn’t go any lower if it’s hot on your hand at tops - if it’s uncomfortable for you it’s uncomfortable for them. 20-24 is a good spot, allows them to grow into the light at this point in veg.

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Looking good so far.
Some purpling on the Duante and Skywalker stems. No big deal at this point, but keep an eye out for calcium def.


Do you think its time to start nutrients? Using ffof soil this is the start of the 4th week in ffof just water every 3 days.

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They look happy so far. I wouldn’t worry about nutes yet. With ffof I start seeing issues around the end of month 2/begining of 3.
Where’s your ppm?

Just keep an eye on them and have some cal mag on hand.


What is the sign I need to use the cal mag? Should I start using a lil at the next water? I will check my runoff next water for ppm. What’s the range I should look for?

Spots, or stripes on your leaves. Google it :+1:

I’m not trying to freak you out. Like every grow, be aware of things that look abnormal.

Everything looks amazing so far. Good job.


Thank you i took the girls out the tent to get a better look at the stems and most of them on all the girls were red. I picked up some cal mag and gave them a good water with the cal-mag. I also noticed these spots on a couple leafs could this be from needing cal mag or is this the start of mold?

If it wipes off it could be mold.
It doesn’t look like mold though.

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Made a mistake this morning and snPped a branch on the dbl sour it didnt snap off can i save the branch or just cut it off?

And i noticed some leafs seem to be curling in and tips look cut off on the daunte.

Any advice on what could be going on or what to do with my dbl sour broke branch is greatly appreciated.

you could take that cutting and try to clone it!
or you could wrap tape around the broken section with a Popsicle to hold the limb in place and it may very well heal itself kinda like super aggressive Supercropping .
If the white spots have a powdery residue on the spots it could be PM or the spots could just be where a water droplet landed and refracted the light and burnt the leaf.
id say your plants look pretty healthy.

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Thank you i did tape the branch and it looks to he recovering good.

Could the white spots be spidermites?

I wish i had the answer for you however im currently in week 6 of my first grow so we are learning together!
Im also experiencing a bug problem at the moment i will upload the video of the little buggers in min.
This site is not very active so it might take a while for someone more experienced to chime in.
good luck!

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The spots look like light hit some moisture on the leaves and burned them. Do you spray your plant or accidentally got water drops on it while watering? The missing tip also doesn’t look like bugs. Unless it’s a caterpillar or grasshopper. Mites make tiny little dots all over the leaves. They’re not big enough to cut leaves. That could be from rubbing on another leaf or some older damage. This is typical spider mite damage

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Yo lol I thank you so much I was about in a panic but all the pics and thing I read just didn’t seem like what I’m seeing was spidermites. Any advice on what to use for prevention?

And yes I did give them a lil mist spray sometime in the morning.

Good luck with your 1st grow. This site has saved my butt plenty if you have a specific question it’s some specialists on here you can just tag and they will get right back to you. Been a great learning tool for me. What bugs are you having a problem with?

If you plan on spraying, I’d wait until just before lights out. I started using this slf-100. It’s meant to prevent nutrient/salt deposits but, apparently, also destroys bugs. We’ll see, just started using it.