A Union of Maples - Autoflower Chapter!

And which ones is the Earth dust? Left or right


The ones on the right are the Earth Dust girls. I lost the one Wedding Cake who popped up deformed, so one side is going to have 5 instead of 6. I’m thinking I’ll take 1 of the Advanced Nutrients girls and convert her to the Earth Dust since I’ve had 6 pots cooking for them for almost a month now. It wouldn’t make sense not to use all 6.


So here’s some pics of the plants that will be chopped down in the coming days to make way for the new girls.
The grow was 6 Trizkit autos from Twenty 20 Seeds, 2 Zkittlez by ILGM, and 2 Sweet Cream by Expert Seeds. It was the first time I tried Twenty 20 Seeds, and I have very mixed reviews. I was really disappointed with the overall size and structure of the plants. It’s supposed to be their biggest auto, yet they were all either small or medium in my opinion. Even more upsetting was how thin the stalks, stems, and branches are. My ILGM plants and the ones from Expert Seeds had nice thick stalks like always. I use a good quality Silica, and B-52, I think these thin stems were just poor genetics since it’s common through all 6 of them. Also, on all but 1 of them, I was disappointed with the bud size. So that was the negative part of the Twenty 20 review. Where I definitely have to hand it to them, is the quality of the buds. They may be smaller than I’d like, but they’re really dense, smell incredible, and are buried in freaking resin!

I’ll start with Trizkits 4. She’s one of the smaller of the bunch, but she frosted up something fierce!

This is Trizkits 5, she’s one of the better ones overall.

Trizkits 2 is a pretty girl for sure, just too small!

Trizkits 1, really scrawny, but lovely nugs!

Trizkits 3, average plant!

And Trizkits 6, another average plant, nice buds!

ILGM Zkittlez 1, Big beefy girl with tons of great colorful nugs.

ILGM Zkittlez 2, she stayed smaller, but again, fabulous buds!

Expert Seeds Sweet Cream 1, definitely the biggest buds of the grow.

Looks like I forgot to take pics of the second Sweet Cream. Well, she looks like the first one but with smaller buds, lol.


Transplanting tomorrow or Thursday night the latest. It’s getting tougher to stop these girls from touching each other every day!


Lookin good Cap they’re probably well rooted and possibly getting a little tied up anyway and need some more room underground as well


Thank you @MeEasy. Yeah, I’m going to cut down the big girls tonight cause these little ones need to move in asap.


These girls are definitely getting transplanted tonight.

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@MeEasy, is there an organic silica product you use with your Earth Dust plants, or do you just use the Earth Dust and nothing else?

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I’ve been using potassium silicate from kisorganics but I’m going without this run just to see if there’s any difference because everytime I stop adding stuff to earth dust the better it seems to go… the only other thing I use is some aloe vera flakes or powder, the flakes are pretty expensive so switched to a powder from Amazon



Thank you @MeEasy, I was considering trying to get some silica in there for them, but I think I’m going to run the straight Earth Dust and see how it goes. I can always add something down the road if they look like they need it.


That’s one great thing about the dust, if they start to look hungry you can make tea out of the dust itself. Dan (owner of TGSC) calls it a quick or instant tea here’s a video of him talking about it… instant tea starts at 1:45


A quick update. So far there’s no real differences between the girls in the Earth Dust and the ones getting Advanced Nutrients feedings. The next time I pull them out for feeding/watering I’ll get pics of each strain next to each other. I still have them crowded in the 2 tents for now. I trimmed up the last run yesterday, so today I’ll clean and set up the closet so I can get these girls moved in.

Look how important it is to use a filter for your fresh air intake, especially if you have dogs and cats. This is where my closet grow draws fresh air from. I normally swap these filters out every 2 weeks or so, but I was a bit late this time, lol.


looks like mine, just alittle less hair and different color lol


Ok, I got all the girls moved into their forever homes. The 5 ILGM girls are in the closet. 2 Bruce Banners, 2 Zkittlez, and the 1 Wedding Cake who’s flying solo because her sister didn’t make it.

The 2 Mephisto Strawberry Nuggets and 3WOK-OG’s are in the 2 1/2 x 5 tent. If the 4 of them get too crowded in there later on, I can always move one of them into the closet.

The 2 Mephisto Mango Smiles (who I’m expecting to be the tallest in the grow) are in the 2 x 4 tent. That’s the tent I use for the taller plants because I have the filter on the outside, so I can raise the light higher than the other 2 spaces.

The closet has an HLG Scorpion Diablo, and each tent has a 350R Diablo.


looking good brother


They all look to be happy n healthy :+1: :grin:


I got the far red bulbs set up this morning. In the closet I offset a length of conduit vertically that the fixture can slide up and down on so I can raise and lower it with the Scorpion Diablo. I just have to loosen one set screw, it’s a few second adjustment.

In the tents, I already had pieces of conduit horizontally on both sides. I put them in to strengthen the tent frame, and to give me more mounting flexibility for fans and tie off points for cords and wires. So I set up the far red sockets on 1900 boxes with beam clamps to attach them to the existing conduit pieces. It’s a little more effort to raise and lower them than it is in the closet, but I can slide the conduits up and down when I have to.

This is the one in the closet.

The 2 1/2 x 5.

And the 2 x 4.

The boxes set up with the beam clamps.

My control areas are getting really crowded with all this equipment. I might have to start mounting stuff on the ceiling soon, lol.


Looking nice man. Pro build :+1:, outta :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart:


that is very impressive. well done. what time can you come over and make my mess look good? lol


Lol, @BudzMS I’ve spent the last couple of years debating whether I wanted to start a business building grow rooms for people, but ultimately I decided on an early retirement instead. :slight_smile: