A Tutorial on Posting Links on the ILGM Forum

Quick Computer tutorial on how to post links from Amazon.com
Let’s take a look for a pH meter and TDS meter combo from Amazon since 95% of the issues we see on the site are pH related!

In the top of the internet window or browser is a line that indicates the address of these meters. The address is

To get that link into your ILGM Support Forum post; move your mouse to that address bar in the internet window and click two or three times until it shows up as highlighted:

Then click the right mouse button and choose COPY. It is the third choice from my computer but it may be different from yours.

Before you can post an Amazon link on the forums you need to modify it slightly. You can do it in the internet window before you copy it or you can paste the link into notepad and then edit it and then copy it again.

Remove everything after the “?”on the line so it looks like this:


Then add tag=greenrel-20 to the end after the “?” Adding this tag gives the ILGM forum credit for the “click thru” to Amazon!

NOTE: That the TAG step is optional and the ILGM Moderators can fix them, but they already have a lot to read here so if we can give them a break, let’s do. If you have problems with this step, then skip it and we can work on this later!

So now that we have the first part of this and we have the link, the next step is to hit the reply button in the post you want to add the item to.

Here is what the window looks like on my computer

I click on REPLY and it opens a new window so I can type my REPLY.

So I enter the info that I want into the box

The next step is to paste the shortcut from Amazon into the post.

There are two ways to do this step, but I have found this to be easiest. Click your mouse at the end of what you have written and hit the ENTER Key on your keyboard twice. This will move your cursor down two lines in the forum reply box. Now point your mouse at that line and click the right mouse button and choose PASTE

On my computer it is the 5th choice from the top.

When I click Paste here is what it looks like:

(Note it takes a moment for the post to upload to the site. Not as long as a picture, but a couple of seconds. If you paste the internet address/ shortcut into a line of text in the post it will not populate a nice picture. Here is the finished product after I hit the big REPLY button on the forum window!

If you need clarification on any of the steps, please don’t hesitate to ask! I reserve the right to modify the steps as needed to make the process easier! LOL

this is the link to the forum topic regarding what is authorized!

@BIGE @Countryboyjvd1971 @Nug-bug

I hope it doesn’t seem too complicated. Try it a few times and if anything needs clarification, please let me know! Once we are sure that it looks good we can let anyone else know that this is here.


i’ve read and understand the rules…lol signed BIGE

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hey, no jumping the gun there @BIGE LOL

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Example post

So here are the pH meter and the TDS meter we were discussing earlier! Hope this helps


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Sometimes when I post an Amazon link I don’t get the picture to come up sometimes it just has a hyper link. I’ll try adding the Tag=greenrel-20 next
Time to be kinder in the mods.

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@Jmesser80 I get that too on occasion! Sometimes I try changing the hyperlink from https to http and that fixes it. Other times it doesn’t. Not sure why it does that!

I’ll give that a shot next time I post an Amazon link. I think it looks cleaner with the picture rather than the hyper link. Gives the reader a preview so they don’t necessarily have to click it they don’t want to.
Thanks for the tip👍

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thank you Bob! i will work on this task tonight sir!

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You got it @BIGE no rush brother it’s a few steps so mull it over and see if those work.

Like this @bob31
Oh yeah thanks so oooooooh much

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Now how bout the Support ticket? Same way just copy and paste?
Watch out newbies here I come😎

yep, here’s whatg I do. I go to the support ticket and copy in then I paste it into a notepad. I also do that with all of the different products that people ask about.

here let me show you a screen shot of what I mean


Thanks Bob! :smiley:



bob for prez!!!


Thought I would bump this up for some of the newer members!

Any questions, Please ask!


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I probably could have used this info earlier. Duh!! Thanks for the info. And the help with prior links.

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Did i break the rules mentioning nutrients by name? :thinking::sunglasses: If so, sorry. Completely unintentional. Won’t happen again. New to the forum.

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